discover all the candidates in Gard

discover all the candidates in Gard
discover all the candidates in Gard

Focus on the Gard candidates as the legislative elections approach on June 30 and July 7.

1st district

The 1st circumscription notably includes part of Nîmes as well as Milhaud, Caissargues and Beaucaire. Outgoing MP: Yoann Gillet (RN).

1 – Loumy Bourghol (LR)
2 – Valérie Rouverand (Renaissance)
3 – Isabelle Leclerc (LO)
4 – Charles Menard (LFI/NFP)
5 – Yoann Gillet (RN)

2nd district

The 2nd constituency includes the little Camargue, up to Sommières. Outgoing MP: Nicolas Meizonnet (RN).

1 – Stéphane Manson (far left)
2 – Nicolas Meizonnet (RN)
3 – Véronique Jullian (Ecology at the center)
4 – Sophie Pellegrin-Ponsole (Horizons)
5 – Katy Guyot (PS/NFP)
6 – Catherine Bolle (LR)

3rd district

The 3rd constituency includes Bagnols/Cèze, Roquemaure, Villeneuve-les-Avignon and Remoulins. Outgoing MP: Pascale Bordes (RN).

1 – Valéry Fourmi (LO)
2 – Christophe Prévost
3 – Florent Grau (LR)
4 – Christian Baume (Horizons)
5 – Pascale Bordes (RN)
6 – Daniel Jean (DVD)
7 – Sabine Oromi (PCF/NFP)

4th district

The 4th constituency notably includes part of Alès and Nord-Cévennes. Outgoing MP: Pierre Meurin (RN).

1 – Pierre Martin (LR)
2 – Arnaud Bord (PS/NFP)
3 – Jérôme Garcia (far left)
4 – Nadia El Okki (Renaissance)
5 – Pierre Meurin (RN)

5th district

The 5th constituency includes part of Alès, Anduze, Bessèges, La Grand-Combe, Saint-Jean-du-Gard. Outgoing MP: Michel Sala (NUPES).

1 – Emmanuel Espanol (Republicans/RN)
2 – Léa Boyer (LR)
3 – Alexandre Allegret-Pilot (DVD)
4 – Michel Sala (LFI/NFP)
5 – Agnès Olinet (LO)
6 – Nordine Tria (DVD)
7 – Catherine Daufès-Roux (Renaissance)

6th district

The 6th constituency includes part of Nîmes as well as Marguerittes and Uzès. Outgoing MP: Philippe Berta (MoDem).

1 – Laura Affortit (Regionalist)
2 – Aurélien Colson (Modem)
3 – Clément Stevant (LR)
4 – Aïcha Terbèche (LO)
5 – Nicolas Cadène (The Ecologists/NFP)
6 – Sylvie Josserand (RN)

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