Haute-Loire: the National Rally has nominated its two candidates for the early legislative elections

Sunday June 16, the deadline for submitting candidacies for the early legislative elections scheduled in less than 15 days, the National Rally confirms its presence for the vote in Haute-Loire.

According to Jean-Charles Angevin, project manager for the National Rally in Haute-Loire, the leading party in the department among Europeans (37.7%), confirms two candidacies for the anticipated legislative elections of June 30 and July 7: Alexandre Heuzey on the 1st district and Suzanne Fourets on the second.Bruno Roule and Suzanne Fourets for the Départementales (Archives L’Eveil)

Suzanne Fourets, candidate in 2022 for the 1st constituency, will this time campaign in the west of the territory. The septuagenarian, retired from the civil service, is at the head of a pair completed by the Sigolénois Bruno Roule. They had already presented together in the 2021 Departmental elections, but in the canton of Aurec.

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In the 1st constituency, the voice of the RN would be carried by a candidate Alexandre Heuzey. Without ties to the department, he would have an Altiligerian as a substitute: Paule Rochette.

At 51, “he worked as a collaborator of elected officials within the Ile-de-France Regional Council, in the Senate as well as in the National Assembly” and “since 2014”, he has been in the European Parliament in a capacity “as an administrator, currently within the Identity and Democracy group”, explains the local authorities of Jordan Bardella’s party.

He will face in particular Laurent Wauquiez, who took a position against the alliance between the National Rally and the Republicans wanted by Eric Ciotti, who was ruled in favor on Friday, invalidating his exclusion from the party.

Nora Gutting and Pierre Hébrard

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