Legislative elections 2024: Find out who the candidates of the New Popular Front are in Seine-et-Marne

Legislative elections 2024: Find out who the candidates of the New Popular Front are in Seine-et-Marne
Legislative elections 2024: Find out who the candidates of the New Popular Front are in Seine-et-Marne


Jérôme Lemonnier

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June 15, 2024 at 1:36 p.m.

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Eight members of La France insoumise, two socialists and one ecologist. This is the composition of the candidates in Seine-et-Marne for the New Popular Front for the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, 2024.

A union validated by 96% of the votes

At the start of the week, this union of left-wing forces, ranging from the NPA to Place publique, including environmentalists and the Communist Party, was born a few hours after the declaration ofEmmanuel Macronindicating the dissolution of the National Assembly on the evening of June 9, 2024.

Even if a few voices of left-wing voters were raised to denounce an agreement with France Insoumise, it is by respecting this pact that the Socialist Party of Seine-et-Marne decided to launch an attack on the legislative elections. “I am very happy that an agreement could be found between the left-wing parties,” he said. Olivier Husson, former mayor of Voinsles, and first secretary, since 2021, of Federation 77 of the Socialist Party. This union was validated with 96% votes in favor. The essential principles were recalled and the program conformed to what was hoped for. It’s a new hope that is rising…”

Two socialist candidates

In mid-June, the New popular front therefore gradually revealed the identity of its candidates across France. In Seine-et-Marne, the new alliance which supplanted the Nupes (New ecological and social popular union) will be present in the 11 constituencies in the department. A pattern identical to that of 2022, with one exception. The P.S. which had only one head of the list in 2022, in the person ofOlivier Faure on the 11e circo (Savigny), will have a second candidate on the 9e (Pontault-Combs). In addition to the party boss with the fist and the rose who is leaving for his re-election, Céline Thiébault-Martinez will be a candidate in the constituency held by Michèle Peyron (Renaissance) since 2017.

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From renewal to La France insoumise

In the other constituencies, La France insoumise once again has confidence in its two outgoing deputies, Ersilia Soudais (7e circo) And Maxime Laisney (10e circo). If a few candidates were already present in the 2022 ballot, a certain renewal was operated on for this new deadline.

Finally, as in 2022, a constituency has been reserved for Ecologists. This is number 8e (Roissy-en-Brie – Ozoir). Arnaud Bonnet was reinvested. In the previous elections, he lost by 4 votes to Hadrien GhomiMacronist candidate.

“The objective is to win all the constituencies in Seine-et-Marne. This Popular Front is reshuffling the cards, and our subject is the French and the Seine-et-Marnais, with an emphasis on rurality in particular. We have already planned States General of the rural world…” concludes Olivier Husson.

Here is the list of candidates selected for the 11 constituencies of the department:

1D constituency (Melun): Arnaud Saint-Martin (LFI)

2e constituency (Fontainebleau-Nemours): Nour Benaïssa-Watbot (LFI)

3e constituency (Montereau): Laura Vallée-Hans (LFI)

4e constituency (Provins): Mathieu Garnier (LFI)

5e constituency (Coulommiers): Laurie Caenbergs (LFI)

6e constituency (Meaux): Amal Bentounsi (LFI)

7e constituency (Mitry-Mory): Ersilia Soudais (LFI)

8e constituency (Roissy-en-Brie): Arnaud Bonnet (Les Ecologistes)

9e constituency (Pontault-Combault): Céline Thiébault-Martinez (PS)

10e constituency (Chelles): Maxime Laisney (LFI)

11e constituency (Savigny-le-Temple): Olivier Faure (PS)

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