He refuses to comply and receives 8 months in prison.

He refuses to comply and receives 8 months in prison.
He refuses to comply and receives 8 months in prison.

On Thursday, May 30, a man appeared before the Amiens criminal court for refusing to comply with a customs check, among other charges.

Despite the absence of the defendant, born in 2003 in Roubaix, his trial took place on Thursday, May 30 before the Amiens criminal court. The defendant appeared for refusal to comply, receiving stolen property, theft of a license plate and use of drugs.

A stolen car and stolen plates

On October 12, 2023, during an inspection by customs agents on the motorway, near Assevillers, the defendant refused to comply. The vehicle will be found a little further away, at a highway exit, and the individual, immediately afterwards. Placed in customs detention, he confirmed the facts, explaining that he became frightened when he realized that he was going to be checked. For no apparent reason… Since the investigation will highlight some misdeeds: theft of a car in the Paris region some time previously, false registration plates… Plates which also correspond to that of the car of a salesman from the south of the France, which filed a complaint.

To defend himself, the defendant then explained that he had a debt to a person whose name he would not mention, amounting to €2,500. And that, to settle this, “we” made an appointment with him to recover this stolen vehicle (Vehicle dating from 2022 and whose price is between €22,000 and €46,000). The defendant admits that he intended to sell the vehicle for more than his debt. It also confirms the consumption of cannabis. His criminal record notes offenses related to either drugs or the highway code. He was therefore placed under judicial supervision, which he did not respect, committing new offenses during it.

“My client is not a light”

One month after filing a complaint for the theft of their vehicle, the victim company was informed by the Péronne gendarmerie of the seizure of the vehicle. This having been damaged, the company requests restitution in order to have it examined, as well as a provision for compensation pending the expertise.

For the prosecutor, the accused behaves in a way that is not designed to reassure the court that he is aware of his actions. “This is why I am asking for 10 months in prison and confiscation of the seals apart from the return of the vehicle to its owner.” Nevertheless, the defendant’s lawyer insists on the fact that he admitted receiving the vehicle, after confronting several pieces of evidence.

My client is not a light, but he recognizes the refusal to comply and the use of narcotics. But, does he even know if the vehicle is falsely plated? No element concerning him was found in the vehicle which could suggest that he knew about the makeup”. His lawyer then pleads for a simple suspended sentence.

Referral on civil party interest on November 7

At the end of the debates, the judge delivered his deliberations, i.e. 8 months of imprisonment, a ban on residence in the Somme department for a period of two years, confiscation of the seals except for the vehicle which will be returned to the company for expertise. The convicted person will have to pay the sum of €3,000 to this same company as a provision, without forgetting the sum of €1,500 in legal costs. He will return to court on November 7 following the examination of the vehicle for the interests on the civil party.

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