Four entrepreneurs rewarded by Crédit-Mutuel Antilles-Guyane during the “4S SOWER OF INNOVATION” competition

On Thursday June 13, 2024, Crédit-Mutuel Antilles-Guyane rewarded four entrepreneurs during the prestigious “4S SOWER OF INNOVATION” competition. This competition, which celebrates innovation and creativity, is structured around four major themes: Environment, Solidarity, Territory, and Culture. This year, 24 files were submitted to Crédit-Mutuel Antilles-Guyane. Out of the 24 applications, 8 candidates were preselected to participate in the final.

The competition jury. Photo: ZayActu

Meaningful themes

  • Environment : Reward projects that contribute to the protection and preservation of our planet.
  • Solidarity : Encourage initiatives that promote mutual aid and solidarity within the community.
  • Territory : Promote projects that energize and enrich the local territory.
  • Culture : Support initiatives that promote culture and the arts.

Openness to various profiles

The competition is aimed at a variety of participants: start-ups, self-employed people, associations and individuals. This diversity reflects Crédit Mutuel’s ambition to promote innovation in all its forms and to support emerging talents in different fields.

Were selected for the final:

  • Dominique Dupré, solidarity and associative garagethe first solidarity garage in Saint-Martin which is at the heart of the social and solidarity economy.
  • Johan Barclay, ACT2WINan innovative anti-waste platform that helps merchants reduce their unsold goods, increase their income and contribute to more responsible consumption.
  • Marie Koné Curron with Drive Guyanean innovative carpooling platform that connects drivers and passengers, in order to achieve secure and economical travel in Guyana…
  • Johan Luzieux with Mada No Clopewhich consists of collecting cigarette butts by installing collection terminals in public places and spaces…
  • Thierry Ichelmann, with NR&C Ma Corde Decimale in order to fight against innumeracy which is a major societal issue, so that citizens are comfortable in everyday situations where numbers intervene.
  • Jérôme Nadessin with CGPIKS-OCEAN to discover the richness of Guadeloupe’s marine ecosystems through captivating underwater expeditions
  • Antoine Le Berre with Matinik Pani Laj à Velo which campaigns to create a world where access to active citizenship makes older citizens happy and offers them the opportunity to remain an active part of the community and their environment.
  • Cynthia Yerro with the reverse advent calendar which allows every day while waiting for Christmas to place in a box an object, a piece of clothing, a canned product, a toy, a hygiene product, essential things that not everyone can always afford, or even small gifts which will please the beneficiary.

The Winners of the 2024 edition

This year’s four winners, each representing one of the themes, were selected for their ability to innovate and provide new and effective solutions in their respective fields. Each of them received a grant of €4,000, valuable help to advance their projects. These winners are:

In addition to the financial prize, the winners will also be honored on Crédit Mutuel Antilles-Guyane’s social networks. This increased visibility will make it possible to promote their projects and reach a wider audience, thus contributing to their influence and future success.

Crédit Mutuel’s “4S SOWER OF INNOVATION” competition continues to show its commitment to innovation and support for entrepreneurs. By rewarding projects in areas as diverse and important as the environment, solidarity, territory and culture, Crédit Mutuel confirms its desire to build a better future through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to the winners of this 2024 edition, who through their work and creativity show the path to innovation and progress.



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