Legislative elections in Valenciennes: who are the candidates already declared?

Legislative elections in Valenciennes: who are the candidates already declared?
Legislative elections in Valenciennes: who are the candidates already declared?

She waited almost four days to give his decision. An unusual silence which foreshadowed an equally surprising choice: Béatrice Descamps, the outgoing MP (LIOT) of the 21e Northern constituency, decided not to go back. Elected in 2017, this woman, former school principal, prefers to leave her seat rather than divide the votes in a constituency held by the right and the Borlooist camp for more than twenty years.

It must be said that the surprise release of Pierre Griner, mayor of Quiévrechain, 33 years old Tuesday shook the local political landscape. Elected for ten years, the one who says “ independent ” and of ” the same sensitivity » that Béatrice Descamps (UDI) declared her candidacy, for “ deal with the emergency “. An unpopular outing by his colleagues from the center and the right who would have preferred to discuss it beforehand. According to him, he approached the presidential majority and the National Rally for an investiture “ within the framework of the union of rights », the candidate declined and made it known “in the interests of transparency”.

On the right precisely, Jean-Noël Verfaillie, mayor of Marlyformer partner in the departmental elections of Béatrice Descamps, finally decided not to go despite the support of the presidential majority.

Reconquest, RN…

On the far right of the political spectrum there are three declared candidates.

Séverine Duminy, candidate Reconquest! unhappy to the Europeans announced this Friday that she was entering the race. La Sebourgeoise, a mathematics teacher in prep class, announced at the same time on Twitter that she could withdraw her candidacy in the event of an alliance between Reconquête! And ” other movements sharing our priorities for the country “.

At National gathering, it’s Onnaingeoise Laurence Bararegional and opposition councilor who will lead the campaign. We do not yet know the name of her running mate but it is rumored that Océane Valentin, candidate for the legislative elections in 2022, could replace her.

For his part,Laurent Lasselin, 55 years old, wasted no time in declaring himself again. His list was submitted this Wednesday evening to the prefecture. Candidate in all elections since 2017, the civil servant defines himself as “ patriot ” And ” sovereignist “. He ” advocates the coming together of the rights, patriots and sovereignists in the interest of the French in the face of electoral party separatism “.

Uncertainties on the left

Meanwhile, on the left, national negotiations leave future or potential candidates waiting. We mention the name of the Insoumise Luce Troadec, opposition municipal councilor, to represent the Popular Front, but nothing has been done yet. “ I wait and be ready », declared the elected official, NUPES candidate in 2022, this Thursday morning.

In 2022, Béatrice Descamps (various right) won in the second round of the legislative elections against Océane Valentin (National Rally), with 57.12% of the votes against 42.88%, with an abstention rate of 60.41%.



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