in Deux-Sèvres, printers ready for emergencies

in Deux-Sèvres, printers ready for emergencies
in Deux-Sèvres, printers ready for emergencies

That’s it, it’s the race! The cheerful exclamation of this switchboard operator is enough to express the excitement that has been stirring the printing press behind her for several hours…

Since the announcement on Sunday evening of the holding of new legislative elections on June 30 and July 7, 2024, many printers know that, to honor future orders from their candidate clients, they will have to accelerate the pace. Removing thousands of leaflets, posters, professions of faith, ballot papers, etc. requires human and material resources. However, some do not have them, they have given up straight away.

“For us the deadline is too short”

“For us, the deadline is too short”concedes for example the boss of Imprimerie Mathieu, in Celles-sur-Belle. “And we are too small for such orders”, completes his colleague at Imprimerie Haye in Mauléon. None of them, however, regrets “letting these elections slip away”: aware of their limits, they say on the contrary they prefer to keep priority for their regular customers. Especially since, confides another professional, “it sometimes takes weeks to get the paper delivered” And “margins are shrinking to a trickle”.

Some printers fear an opportunistic surge in paper prices. Unlikely, tempers Fabrice Faure, knowing that the short duration of this campaign will leave little time for business.
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“The end of the week is going to be busy”

But there are also companies that cannot afford to ignore such an opportunity: “As soon as we can work, we work”, encourages the director of the Imprimerie de la Sèvre, Vincent Gardrat, in Niort. He knows his team is responsive and ready to respond to acceleration, he has already planned wider opening hours and will not refrain, if necessary, from recalling part of the squad on Saturday. “This weekend is going to be very busy! »

And if, on Wednesday, he did not know precisely the number of documents to print for this candidate who requested it on Monday, waiting for the prefecture to communicate to him the official number of voters registered in his constituency, he had planned to draw him at least 100,000 leaflets and some 200,000 ballot papers.

“The number of candidates risks being limited”

At Charivari, Fabrice Faure had not yet been contacted at the start of the week, also forced to wait and see in a hesitant political context: “We see that some candidates are eager to go while others are in less of a hurry. And with the announcements of a popular front or a union of the left, the number of candidates risks being greatly restricted. » In the meantime, he has already started some large format orders that his colleagues cannot carry out.

Pragmatic and confident, he knows he can count on the flexibility offered by the three-shift industrial organization of his two production sites located in Niort (Impressions Dumas) and La Rochelle (Iro).

A shortage of paper or a surge in prices?

A printer especially fears that “the most complicated [soit] to get the paper » Insofar as “all printers in France will flock to the same suppliers”.

” I do not believe it “, tempers Fabrice Faure, at Charivari. Responsible for paper purchasing for the ImpriFrance group, which brings together around a hundred independent printing companies, he believes that, “in a small chart market, price increases cannot be violent”. He also does not believe in a shortage of paper: “There will be less business because we have less time to produce. The candidates will limit themselves to classic electoral materials: ballot papers, professions of faith and, if necessary, an accompanying document. It will not saturate the factories and it will not increase the price of paper. »



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