France Inter // NEW PODCAST: “Japan explores” by Frédérick Sigrist

France Inter // NEW PODCAST: “Japan explores” by Frédérick Sigrist
France Inter // NEW PODCAST: “Japan explores” by Frédérick Sigrist


Friday June 14, 2024


A podcast from Frederick Sigrist

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from Friday June 14, 2024

In the run-up to “Japan Expo” in Paris, of which France Inter is a partner, Frédérick Sigrist is offering a new series of podcasts for an exchange with specialists and actors in Japanese popular culture.

For more than forty years, Japanese culture has radiated throughout the world with unparalleled success, particularly in France. Indeed, those who were spectators of the Dorothée Club at the end of the 80s have since been joined by the children of the Internet thanks to the work of communities of fans, enthusiasts, specialized journalists and comic book publishers.

The show which celebrates, every year, this artistic love relationship between France and Japan has a name: Japan Expo! For the 2024 edition, France Inter, partner of the event, is launching a new series of podcasts designed by “the otaku” from the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique: Frédérick Sigrist, producer of the show Blockbusters.

Ten episodes to accompany and deepen the themes of this JAPAN EXPO 2024 by giving the floor to the most cutting-edge experts on the subject.

JAPAN EXPLORE, the episodes :

Episode 1 Godzilla 70 years of nuclear radiation

Episode 2 Kaijus, gigantism and gigantic Japanese urbanism

Episode 3 Ring a definition of Japanese horror

Episode 4 Oni and Yokaï, horror and fantasy in manga

Episode 5 Jpop and soft power

Episode 6 Sumo, sport and tradition

Episode 7 Osaka the other capital

Episode 8 Weekly Shonen Jump: the recipe for a successful manga

Episode 9 Cosplay and self-image

Episode 10 Japan: A globalized or standardized gastronomy

JAPAN EXPLOREstakeholders :

Fabien Mauro, author and essayist, he has published two works devoted to Japanese science fiction cinema: Ishiro Honda: Monster Humanism (Rouge Profond, 2018) and Kaiju, Invaders and Apocalypse (Aardvark Editions, 2020) for which he obtained 2021 by the Grand Prix of the Imagination in the “best essay” category.

Matthieu Pinon, journalist specializing in Japanese pop culture, editor-in-chief of the magazine Otaku Manga. He is the author of numerous works dedicated to Japan and manga, such as Stories of modern manga (Ynnis Editions, 2022), Tokyo Survival Manual (Ynnis Editions, 2022), or Manga, so many stories (Larousse, 2022).

Stéphane du Mesnildot, writer and curator specializing in Asian cinema, and particularly Japanese fantasy cinema. He is the author of Ghosts of Japanese cinema, The Metamorphoses of Sadako (Rouge Profond, 2011), The Dark Mirror, a history of vampire cinema (Rouge Profond, 2013) and Ceremonies, at the heart of the empire of the senses (Black Lizard, 2021). He is scientific advisor to the Musée du Quai Branly for exhibitions Asian Hells and Ghosts (2018) And Ultimate fight: Asian martial arts (2021).

Valentin Paquot, independent journalist. He writes for The Internet user and is a member of the team of Yatta! on Mov’.



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