Tuesday’s little boost

Some participants, with Jean-Éric Sendé (JACSM Académie), Valérie and Marie-Laure (Afpa Vénissieux).

Lyon Métropole Urban Tour is the new formula concocted by the JACSM Académie (Youth, art, culture, sport and memory) and its partners (ALVP Basket, France Travail, Local Mission, etc.). This long-term program propels young Vénissians towards training or employment without neglecting physical activity.

Since May 7, every Tuesday has been entirely dedicated to the development of these young people. This phase, called Youth Boost, extends over eight weeks. “In the morning, they are in professional support with Bimbamjob, explains Jean-Éric Sendé, director of youth, inclusive sport and citizenship programs at JACSM Académie. In the afternoon, it’s time for sport with our educators and myself. »

Tuesday June 11, 16-18 year olds took part in an online job search workshop at Afpa before kicking the ball around on the futsal field at the Auguste-Delaune complex. “I decided to pursue an apprenticeship to become a caterer or pastry chef, confides Hamza (17 years old). If I had stayed at home, I wouldn’t have done any of this. »

Now participants know how to create an impactful CV and develop an oral presentation. The next deadlines will focus on the job interview and self-confidence. The first concrete results were not long in coming. “Two boys who have just arrived in France have already defined their project, rejoices Jean-Éric Sendé. Sekou is going to become a house painter. Mamadou will work as a landscaper. »


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