Senator Denis Bouad wants to save nursing homes

Senator Denis Bouad wants to save nursing homes
Senator Denis Bouad wants to save nursing homes

The PS Senator, Denis Bouad, questioned the Minister for the Elderly on the “worrying” budgetary situation of public nursing homes as well as on her ambition for the elderly and the public service of autonomy.

While he himself was alerted by Gard structures, Denis Bouad questioned Minister Fadila Khattabi concerning the financial situation of public nursing homes. “In recent years, nursing homes have had to face the health crisis, then the increase in energy and food prices, the evolution of interest rates as well as the revaluations linked to Segur and not entirely compensated, lists the parliamentarian. In 3 years, their deficit has multiplied by 20. Today, 75% of public nursing homes are in deficit.”

“In 3 years, their deficit has multiplied by 20”

In his oral question, Denis Bouad called on the Minister to respond to the “budgetary emergency” in order to avoid a deterioration in patient care. “The efforts that we make to take charge of supporting our elders are in some way indicative of the society that we wish to build” judges the person concerned.

Furthermore, “while the government maintains doubt about its real desire to present a programming law on ‘old age'”, the Gard senator questioned the Minister on her overall ambition for the support of seniors and public service autonomy.

“9.2 billion euros the need for additional financing by 2030”

“According to INSEE, in 2050, France will have 4 million seniors losing their autonomy,” explains Denis Bouad. We must imperatively adapt our budgetary efforts to this demographic challenge. As such, a report by Dominique Libault estimates the need for additional financing at 9.2 billion euros by 2030.”

The same concludes: “While the demographic argument has again been used recently to justify pension reform, paradoxically, it seems much less taken into account when it comes to defining the budgetary envelopes dedicated to care loss of autonomy.

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