A disabled child runs away from his school and is knocked down in Ivry: “the tragedy could have been avoided”

A disabled child runs away from his school and is knocked down in Ivry: “the tragedy could have been avoided”
A disabled child runs away from his school and is knocked down in Ivry: “the tragedy could have been avoided”


Marie Amelie Marchal

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June 14, 2024 at 6:52 a.m.

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“School is supposed to be the safest place for a child… When I think about that day, I still get chills. » On the line, the father of Samuel, a nine-year-old child who attends the Makarenko school in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne) and suffers from autism spectrum disordersstill has trouble finding the words.

Tuesday May 28, 2024, her little boy manages to escape from the establishment. As he hurtles down the street on a scooter, he is hit by a car. A tragedy which could have been avoided according to the primary school teaching teams as they have been warning about the lack of professionals and the difficult management of children with disabilities due to the lack of AESH (supporters of students with disabilities) for several month.

“Samuel had disappeared”

The little boy was very lucky and got away with “only” a bump on the forehead. “I accompanied Samuel to school on Tuesday morning and twenty-three minutes after dropping him off, I received a phone call telling me that Samuel had disappeared“, says the father of the family. The concern is great: due to his disability, the little boy is not not able to express himself.

A few minutes later, the police called to tell him that his son had been in a car accident. “I screamed,” he remembers, still moved. He finds Samuel, lying on a stretcher and taken care of by the firefighters. Hospitalized for a few hours at the Kremlin-Bicêtre, the child emerged unscathed. “And if it had been more serious, what would we have done,” the father chokes.

A “traumatized” team

According to a union representative, the child ran away from class while his teacher “managed a crisis between two children”. He allegedly grabbed a scooter then opened the door of the establishment and then “rushed down a large avenue on the scooter” until a motorist violently braked his course.

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“Samuel was neglected. School is not suitable for him, we are aware of that, but we have been fighting for six years for him to join an IME (medical-educational institute). The education system must be up to the task when it supports a child with or without a disability, and this was not the case. »

“There is no no individual responsibilitythe only failure is on the side of the supervision rate”, insists the union representative who specifies that the teaching teams are ” traumatized by the accident.

The establishment, which has a Ulis class (Localized unit for educational inclusion, an educational organization and adapted lessons in the context of grouping children with disabilities) in elementary school, only has three AESH (including one part-time). “They must use stratagems to distribute the children,” specifies the union spokesperson.

Requested by Paris newsthe management of departmental national education services ensures that it is “ fully mobilized on this particular situation. For the DSDEN of Val-de-Marne, “five AESH make up the support team in this school where 23 students are notified and 11 of whom are in Ulis”.

Alerts already launched last year

“The teams had already alerted last year about the insufficient number of AESH and the difficulties in managing this child,” confides the FSU-SNUipp 94 representative. Last March, around twenty parents even occupied the nursery school to warn of staff shortages. Last Friday, a gathering was held in front of the establishment in the presence of Mathilde Panot, former LFI MP for Val-de-Marne.

Among the families mobilized, parents went so far as to carry lack of legal supervision after having exhausted all avenues for two years to have their child accompanied by an AESH. In this case, the judge ordered the rector of the Créteil academy to designate an individual AESH for the student, under penalty of 150 euros per day of delay.

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