The Aveyron coordination support system continues to grow

The Aveyron coordination support system continues to grow
The Aveyron coordination support system continues to grow

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For its second year of existence, the Aveyron Coordination Support System (Dac 12) continued its development in 2023 and intends to continue this throughout 2024.

The Aveyron Coordination Support System (DAC 12) is a structure specializing in supporting local professionals on complex health pathways. During its general assembly, the day before yesterday at the Saint-Pierre house in Rodez, the local Castonet organization looked back on its first full year, while recalling its main missions.

At the same time, providing a global response to requests for support from professionals, avoiding interruptions in care for the person and participating in territorial coordination, which contributes to the structuring of health pathways.

President of the system at the Aveyron level, Nicole Cristofari evaluates “this year as very positive. It made it possible to deepen the construction carried out in 2022 and to be more operational.” This development is embodied by the establishment of a resource card for professionals, which provides them with all the resources when they need them, but also a project team, made up of 27 people and a monitoring observatory. breaking the pathways, to better understand their origins.

Supported by the ARS, the Dac 12 responds to a huge number of situations throughout the department, although the number of aids is relatively stable. While it treats all ages, more in-depth support is provided to people with reduced mobility and palliative care.

Likewise in 2023, the association was able to rely on a midwife, for all assistance related to perinatal care. A process which was renewed this year.

New premises for 2025

During this general assembly, Dac 12 also formalized the departure of its director Sophie Robois at the end of the month. She will be replaced on July 1 by her deputy director, Joseline Larue-Joachim. A transition in the form of continuity, with one particularity despite everything: that of developing digital challenges for health professionals. An aspect which was addressed by Hervé Pingaud, university professor at INU Champollion, during a conference at the end of the general assembly.

In addition to the traditional coordination day, the end of the year will be punctuated by the association’s move to rue Docteur Théodore Matthieu in 2025. The opportunity for the structure to set up its city of coordination and health , by bringing together Aveyron health organizations (CPTS, CRCDC, etc.).



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