Disappearance of Lina in Bas-Rhin: new revelation on her rape complaint, “she couldn’t…”

Disappearance of Lina in Bas-Rhin: new revelation on her rape complaint, “she couldn’t…”
Disappearance of Lina in Bas-Rhin: new revelation on her rape complaint, “she couldn’t…”

It’s a disappearance that remains a real mystery. On Saturday September 23, 2023, Lina walks to the station to take a train to Strasbourg. On arrival, her boyfriend Tao was impatiently waiting for her. The teenager sends him a video to show him her outfit… before mysteriously disappearing. But what happened to him? To date, nothing has revealed where Lina may be. Since the disappearance of the young woman, much information has been revealed and in particular concerning the fact that she had filed a complaint for rape. In the columns of
Figaro this Thursday, June 13, revelations about the evening during which Lina was attacked were made.

The facts date back to May 4, 2022 when Lina went, in the company of a friend, to La Broque. It is a small town in Bas-Rhin, located less than ten kilometers from where the teenager lives. Both aged 13 and a half, they spend the afternoon with boys aged 19 and 20. These are acquaintances of the two teenage girls. They end up going to the home of one of the two and, there, consume alcohol. According to media reports, Lina drank a cocktail made with vodka and Red Bull. Once her friend left, the teenager was left alone and claimed to have been raped. She told me about it. She might have had something in her drink. She remembers everything but couldn’t move” confided Sandra, one of her friends.

Lina: a drugged teenager at the time of her attack?

According to Sandra’s information, the young woman was drugged during this evening. Thus, she would have been fully aware of the facts of which she was a victim, without being able to move. For their part, the two boys claimed to have had a “consensual relationship” with Lina. As the newspaper recalls, after the afternoon spent in the company of the two young men, the teenager’s life took a new turn. Lina was the victim of a wave of harassment and a flood of degrading insults. A month later, Lina went to the police station, accompanied by her mother, to file a complaint for “gang rape”.

Lina’s complaint was taken very seriously and the profile of one of the two adults caught the attention of the investigators. Two young girls aged 15 and a half and 16 had already filed a complaint against him for similar acts. As reported in the local newspaper
Latest News from Alsace, he allegedly raped the two young women, one after the other during an evening. To date, there is no evidence to discover what happened to Lina.
But does her disappearance have a link to the complaint filed for rape? Two investigations have been opened in connection with this matter. The first for “gang rape” and the second for “kidnapping and sequestration”.

Lina: a young woman victim of malicious people?

Since filing her complaint, Lina’s life has taken a new turn. The young woman received threatening messages online, but not only that. Twice, the teenager had her small motorcycle stolen. The first time was in December 2022 then in August 2023 while she was in Tunisia with her mother. Did anyone have a personal grudge against Lina? At the time I asked myself the question. For me, someone was angry with him but not to the point of kidnapping him,” Sandra confided. Two thefts which therefore prevented Lina from being able to travel with her motorbike. While she was forced to do so on foot, had her attacker premeditated everything in order to be able to kidnap her?

Lina’s disappearance remains a real mystery. In the show 1:15 p.m. Saturday, a witness confided having encountered the teenager on the day of her disappearance. According to the words of Yoann, business manager in the Bruche valley, Lina was walking along the RD 350.
I see the little one with her gray dress and white jacket. There, between the plane trees. She was, about fifty meters away, walking on the left edge, in front of me”
, he indicated. Did Lina have a bad encounter on the way? Was she forced into a car? For those close to her, the young woman would never have run away.



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