Between Issoudun and Thizay, in Indre, four farmers are launching into agrivoltaics

Between Issoudun and Thizay, in Indre, four farmers are launching into agrivoltaics
Between Issoudun and Thizay, in Indre, four farmers are launching into agrivoltaics

In the heart of Champagne Berrichonne, four farmers decided to embark on the adventure of agrivoltaics via the installation of photovoltaic panels on common land, thus combining agricultural tradition and energetic production.

It was by discovering a similar project in the town of Condé that Francis Tissier, Cédric Lexteriat, Louis and Denis Billard accepted the challenge. “It was the innovation that attracted us. Agriculture has constantly evolved throughout the ages. And today we need green energy”notes Francis Tissier. “We only knew each other very little before, there is also a human adventure behind this project”adds Cédric Lexteriat.

“A human adventure behind the project”

Installed astride Issoudun and Thizay, the future agrivoltaic project brings together four neighboring plots belonging to farmers: a study area of ​​80 ha, set to evolve, for an electrical power envisaged at 40 MWp.

Named Les Tonnelettes soleilées – in reference to the vines previously planted here – the land, dry and stony, has a low agronomic quality. “We are on very limestone soils and with little useful water reserveexplains Cédric Lexteriat. We also seek diversification in our production, by keeping historical crops and focusing on crops that we are not used to growing with floral, vegetable and honey seeds. »

Supported by the GLHD company, the project leaders held numerous meetings and workshops with local stakeholders.
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The crops will therefore be protected by the shade of the panels, thus preventing evapotranspiration of the soil, while preserving, or even renewing, biodiversity thanks to pollinating insects and their small predators. The photovoltaic installations will protect the plantations from wind, hail or temperature variations and avoid chemical inputs as much as possible.

“As we are not on highly profitable land, this also allows us a stable income”, confides Francis Tissier. Thanks to agrivoltaics, the four farmers hope to diversify their production as much as possible and sustainably maintain their agricultural activity.

A project still being considered

Supported by the company GLHD, specializing in the development of photovoltaic projects, Les Tonnelettes soleilées is only just beginning. It remains to convince local residents and elected officials. In the region, meetings and workshops are multiplying to inform, but above all to reassure, local stakeholders. Boxing and door-to-door visits were even carried out in around a hundred homes. “Overall, the project is rather well receivedassures Nicolas Khorsi-Darroussat, consultation referent for GLHD and who supports farmers. We are very early in the development, the goal is to reflect and enrich the construction of the project. »

Nothing is set in stone, the different users of the territory are invited to share their questions and points of view. If the submission of the building permit is planned for autumn 2024, final completion is not expected until 2026-2027.



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