“No, I’m not François Damiens!”: meeting with DJ Pento, the showman who stands out in the Gers

“No, I’m not François Damiens!”: meeting with DJ Pento, the showman who stands out in the Gers
“No, I’m not François Damiens!”: meeting with DJ Pento, the showman who stands out in the Gers

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DJ Pento is a colorful character, based in Condom in the Gers. “Burlesque DJ”, he stands out with his retro look and his theatrical shows. Meeting with this “kitch” ace a few days before his ten-year career.

Mustache, suit, shorts and flashy colors, it is not uncommon to see a strange character hanging around the Place de la Liberté in Condom. DJ Pento, named after the styling product plastering his hair, was born to denote: “Initially, the goal was to make someone quite ugly, completely out of step with his time”, explains Bruno Porterie, creator of this high character. in colour.

“It’s a burlesque DJ show”

Manager of the city’s theater, he brought this DJ to life in 2014: “I created it by chance. During one day, artists were invited to perform to show what they knew how to do. I asked the manager to come and play records because I always loved music, so he accepted without thinking too much, I put pento on my hair, I took a suit that was never used and I put on my shoes. records”, says the native of Condom.

Immediate success for the completely crazy artist, straight out of a film from the 70s/80s: “What appeals about DJ Pento is the kitsch, vintage side. He’s completely off the mark. He takes very seriously, he believes he is a big name, when in reality the public is amused by him. It is this discrepancy which is also quite funny”, describes his creator.

A colorful character, DJ Pento bases the success of his performances on the second degree of his audience.
The pancake Production

Step by step, DJ Pento builds his legend and plays his show, “Once upon a time there was a DJ in the west”, throughout France, totaling around sixty dates over the past decade: “It’s not a set of DJ, it’s not a theater show, it’s a burlesque DJ show”, summarizes Bruno when asked to describe Pento’s performances. The character was defined through performances, often theatrical, with partners from shows such as Horreur Boréale or Praline Cucul.

“No, I’m not François Damiens!”

Above all a DJ, the music distilled by the artist sincerely pleases with its diversity: “I am less attracted by the 80s and the Top 50 because we have heard them a lot. I like all kinds of alternative music: rock, funk, world music, hip-hop etc.”

The public, charmed by the retro look of the character, finds in DJ Pento the airs of François Damiens known as “François the Troublesome”: “People make the physical assimilation with François Damiens, in the macho side too, sure of himself, who skull. There is a similarity but that’s not what inspired me”, promises the Condomois.

Tired of these perpetual references to the Belgian comedian, the Gersois responds in music: “At the Bandas de Condom, I hosted one Friday evening. All the people were just repeating to me: “Ah, François Damiens!” So the next day , a little drunk by the thing, I took my guitar and I made a song in fifteen minutes called: “No I’m not François Damiens I played it for them that same evening and!” so everyone was fully engaged,” he says.

The artist’s hit even had the right to its clip, filmed at the Café des allées in Condom, the HQ of DJ Pento and his association “La Galette Production”.

However, the native of Condom ultimately did very little mixing on his land: “No one is a prophet in his country. It saddens me a little that some of my friends were not able to see the show”, confides the artist with retro glasses.

But a catch-up session is planned for this Saturday. DJ Pento will celebrate his ten years of career at the Hameau de Lialores, during a day in his image: colorful.

Information on 06 51 14 10 26; and on its official Facebook


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