Pierre Laugier, producer of “HPI”: “This season brings its share of surprises”

Pierre Laugier, producer of “HPI”: “This season brings its share of surprises”
Pierre Laugier, producer of “HPI”: “This season brings its share of surprises”

This Thursday, TF1 continues to broadcast the highly anticipated fourth season of its successful series.

On the menu, a new and delightful episode in which the characters will travel through time.

Pierre Laugier, one of the producers of “HPI”, returns for TF1info on the success of the series and what the sequel has in store for us.

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“HPI”, the TF1 phenomenon series

They never run out of ideas. While HPI made a return with fanfare on TF1 on May 9, the writers of the series concocted this Thursday an unusual third episode which should delight fans since the heroes of fiction will travel in time. During her investigation into the death of an 85-year-old author of detective novels, found lifeless in a secret room of his home, Morgane Alvaro learns that a strange woman haunts the place and kills its inhabitants.

In order to understand the origin of this legend, the consultant will travel through several eras. A delightful episode which immerses us in the deep relationship between Morgane and Karadec, as Pierre Laugier, one of the producers of HPI.

We always have the pressure to renew ourselves without repeating ourselves

Pierre Laugier

The success of HPI does not deny itself. Does that add extra pressure?

Yes, we always have the pressure to renew ourselves without repeating ourselves. But at the same time, I have the feeling that this season brings its share of surprises, twists and turns and new things as much in terms of the characters as in the investigations and the way of telling them. It’s also a somewhat exceptional season, because Morgane is pregnant.

A pregnant fictional heroine is rare, right?

Yes, it’s rare. It reminds me of Frances McDormand who played a pregnant cop in Fargo. The main investigation of this season is to discover who the father of Morgane’s baby is. This is an investigation in its own right. I once again salute the work of the authors who compete each year in imagination to create new situations which will explore the relationship between Morgane and Kardec and flesh out the secondary characters.

Morgane keeps this punk power to do what she wants, when she wants

Pierre Laugier

A heroine pregnant with three potential fathers, isn’t that a bit punk for TF1?

(Laughs) Morgane has a very strong feminine energy, she is free and that’s what makes her endearing. It costs her in her everyday life, she encounters a lot of difficulties and sorrows, but she keeps this punk power to do what she wants, when she wants. Deep down, she is always well-intentioned, even if sometimes it goes overboard. But there is a real moral dimension in this character, she is a real heroine.

Is the relationship between Morgane and Karadec still the driving force of the series?

Yes and the third episode will, I hope, captivate the audience because it really enters into the deep relationship which unites Morgane and Karadec, in this tumultuous love story between two very different characters, but who, in their deep selves, do not stop meeting. I find that Mehdi Nebbou and Audrey Fleurot form one of the most glamorous couples in current series. We really want to see them continue to bicker and get together.

Frustration is also part of a viewer’s experience

Pierre Laugier

The first four episodes of this season air in May and the next four in September. It’s quite exceptional. Why this choice ?

The exception is to deliver eight quality episodes per year. From the start, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep up with the writing, but also with the availability of the actors who all have other projects on the side. This season, we needed to give ourselves a little breathing room to work on the future and succeed. We preferred to take our time to deliver the best episodes possible and not make any concessions.

Aren’t you afraid that it will disturb viewers?

Yes, but at the same time, we can also say that it will create anticipation. Frustration is also part of a viewer’s experience. I hope the fun remains intact for the fans. And then the first three seasons are available on TF1+ for those who are impatient!

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Who will decide on the end of the series: production, Audrey Fleurot or the channel?

We all agreed to make this series with joy and pleasure to deliver the best possible season each time. Today, we almost have the feeling that it is Morgane and Karadec who will decide if there are still things to tell! The fourth season is almost finished, the fifth is being considered for writing. Obviously, Morgane’s pregnancy pushes us to think about what will happen next. But it is too early to decide one way or the other. Season five will be a key season, that’s for sure.




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