Marzens – A fifth wolf identified in Tarn

Marzens – A fifth wolf identified in Tarn
Marzens – A fifth wolf identified in Tarn

Genetic analyzes of a sample of hair collected on December 3, 2023 in Marzens (Tarn) by OFB agents, made it possible to identify that they belonged to a gray wolf, of Italian-Alpine lineage, male. , previously unknown in the national database, according to the Tarn prefecture.

This analysis confirms the presence of wolves in the department, and in particular in an area having experienced several predations between the end of 2023 and February 2024.

Passing through or sedentary?

The monitoring implemented by members of the Loup-Lynx multi-partnership network will make it possible to know whether this new detection corresponds to the occasional passage of an animal or whether it settles in this territory or in a neighboring sector.

As a reminder, the Tarn has been a colonization front for the wolf for several years now, particularly in the sectors of Caroux-Espinouse (straddling the Tarn and Hérault), Somail (on the borders of Tarn and Hérault ) and the Montagne Noire (on the border between Tarn and Aude).

Only males

In these sectors, four male wolves had been genetically identified over time: a male wolf of Italian-Alpine lineage, identified in 2016 in Caroux-Espinouse, a male wolf of Italian-Alpine lineage identified in January 2021 in Somail and two male wolves of Italian-Alpine lineage in the Montagne Noire, one identified in November 2021 and April 2022 and the other in January 2023.

This is therefore the fifth distinct genetic identification in the department since 2016.

Disappeared from the radar

However, state services specify, “ the wolf is a great traveler and certain individuals have not been detected for several months, which makes it difficult to accurately estimate the number of wolves actually present at a given time in the territory “.




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