What we know about the death of a nonagenarian woman attacked by a dog in Gard

A 93-year-old woman was killed by a dog in a cemetery in Canaules-et-Argentières, in Gard, Tuesday May 28. Two women were indicted for manslaughter resulting from the attack of a dog by the Alès public prosecutor’s office.

• An Argentinian mastiff jumped at the throat of a nonagenarian

Annette Guibal, former mayor of Canaules-et-Argentières – about thirty kilometers northwest of Nîmes – went late Tuesday afternoon to the cemetery at the exit of the village to decorate the grave of a close.

In this cemetery, between vineyards and sunflower fields, there was also a young girl of 18 years old, an apprentice in a dog breeder located a few hundred meters away. She was then walking three dogs: an Argentinian mastiff, an Australian shepherd and a Staffordshire bull terrier (staffie).

It was the Argentinian mastiff, a very powerful dog, which jumped at the throat of the old lady in circumstances which remain to be clarified.

She then fell and bled to the ground, while the dog refused to let go, a judicial Source describes to BFMTV, reporting “an extremely brutal attack”. Her carotid artery being severed, Annette Guibal did not survive her injuries.

• The facts have tried to be disguised

The young girl, unable to control the dog which had escaped from her, immediately notified the emergency services, then the manager of the breeding, a 42-year-old mother.

This manager then told her apprentice to tell the police that the nonagenarian had been attacked by a stray dog. She then sent her two 19-year-old sons there to remove the dog and any trace that could lead to him.

Initially, the young girl explained this lie to the police before quickly admitting that it was a dog from the breeder.

During her hearings, the apprentice explained that she had been put “under pressure” to declare that it was a stray dog ​​and “admitted that it was a ploy put in place by the manager to to evacuate its possible responsibility in these facts,” said Alès prosecutor Abdelkrim Grini to AFP on Wednesday evening.

• Four people in court

The young woman and the manager were placed in police custody from Tuesday until Wednesday. The manager’s two sons were also taken into custody on Wednesday. They are suspected of “altering a crime or misdemeanor scene” for having removed from the village the dog that bit the victim, explained the prosecutor.

These four people were then referred. The Alès public prosecutor’s office requested the opening of a judicial investigation, with the indictment of the two women for involuntary manslaughter resulting from attack by a dog, an offense punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

The manager, whose breeding is in order according to initial findings, and her two sons are indicted for modifying a crime scene. If the young daughter and two sons are placed under judicial supervision, pre-trial detention was requested by the prosecution for the manager. The latter, “unfavorably known to the courts”, should be judged in September by the Alès criminal court in a case of violence.

The dog was found and placed in a center for behavioral analysis. The investigation will notably have to determine whether the dog was on a leash or not, whether the young girl had the right to walk it there, and why it attacked the old lady.

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