Seine Saint-Denis at 50°C: adapt! Meeting in Bobigny

Seine Saint-Denis at 50°C: adapt! Meeting in Bobigny
Seine Saint-Denis at 50°C: adapt! Meeting in Bobigny

Meet on Tuesday June 18 for a civic and friendly event on the adaptation of the Seine Saint-Denis to climate change. Come meet elected officials and associations!

Poorly insulated housing, schools and buildings, jobs outdoors or in non-air-conditioned premises, urban heat islands… our cities are increasingly vulnerable to heatwaves and climate change, with proven impacts on human health.
Extreme heat can also have impacts on the operation of our public services, our networks and infrastructure…

How can we adapt our cities to the climate of tomorrow to strengthen our resilience and protect populations, particularly the most vulnerable?

Let’s meet on June 18 at 6:00 p.m. in Bobigny, at the Bourse Départementale du Travail, 1 Place de la Libération, to discuss with our elected officials and associations from Seine Saint-Denis in order to explore solutions together!

The program :

6:00 p.m.: Presentation of the “Paris at 50°C” report from the information and evaluation mission of the Paris Council by Alexandre Florentin

6:30 p.m.: Round table “The Seine Saint-Denis at 50°C? Adapt!”
– Alexandre Florentin, Councilor of Paris and elected representative of the 13th arrondissement
– Raquel Garrido, deputy for the 5th constituency of Seine Saint-Denis
– José Moury, 1st deputy at the town hall of Bobigny / Vice-President in charge of housing at Est ensemble
– Anne Sophie Castille, Enedis, Ile-de-France East regional management

7:30 p.m.: Mini-concert by students and teachers from the Bobigny conservatory

7:45 p.m.: Meeting with Seine Saint-Denis associations around a buffet


Event organized in partnership with the City of Bobigny, Ecobul, la Sauge, Wiscasaya and the Cyclofficine de Pantin. With the support of the Department.

The organizer is: citizen collective in partnership with Bobigny town hall

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