For the Miss Tarn election the show will be show in Bout-du-Pont-de-l’Arn!

For the Miss Tarn election the show will be show in Bout-du-Pont-de-l’Arn!
For the Miss Tarn election the show will be show in Bout-du-Pont-de-l’Arn!

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Saturday June 1, from 9 p.m. to midnight, the Bout du Pont de l’Arn village hall will be the scene of the election of Miss Tarn 2024. The event promises an evening rich in emotions and glitter, bringing together nine candidates and former Miss Midi-Pyrénées and dauphines.

The evening will begin with the presentation of the elected misses, introduced by Nadine Benaboud, Miss Midi-Pyrénées 2023, Océane Reignier, Miss Tarn 2023, Léa Gardet and Lara Blazquez, respectively first and second runners-up Miss Tarn 2023. This will be followed by the presentation of the jury which will determine the lucky winner at the end of the evening.

One of the highlights will be the parade of Nadine Benaboud in her regional costume, signed by Laura Boucher, symbolizing the culture of the Midi-Pyrénées region. Each candidate will have the opportunity to introduce herself and convince the jury and the public with a one-minute speech. The candidates will then return to the stage for a second appearance in evening dresses, before parading in beachwear. Mae, young prodigy from “The Voice Kids” season 9, will bring a musical touch to the evening with sung interludes.

The public will have a determining role in the election

During the intermission, votes from the public will be collected. Each spectator will have a ballot to choose the top 5 candidates, a process which gives the public a determining role in the outcome of the election. The candidates will be evaluated on their manner of parade, their ease on stage and their eloquence.

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The preparation of the candidates begins the morning of the event. They spend a large part of the day rehearsing the show put on by a choreographer from the Miss Midi-Pyrénées committee. The afternoon is dedicated to makeup and hair preparation, carried out by final year pro aesthetic students from Notre-Dame de Castres high school.

Equality and homogeneity between the candidates

Lara Blazquez, second runner-up Miss Tarn 2023, underlines the importance of support: “We showed them how to parade, how to write their speech. We are very available to help them.” Evening dresses and swimsuits are provided by the Miss Midi-Pyrénées committee, guaranteeing equality and homogeneity between the candidates. The chosen misses will also parade in outfits provided by Maison SPPB by Salome and Marlène Larroze, businesses in Mazamet.

The presentation of the scarves will conclude this evening, marked by elegant parades and artistic performances. Marine Blue, the official photographer of the committee, will immortalize these precious moments. Tickets are still available for those who wish to experience this magical evening and participate in the election of the new Miss Tarn 2024, an event which promises to celebrate the beauty, grace and talent of the candidates.




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