Investing in Finistère is committed to housing workers

Created and supported by businesses and economic players in the department, the Investir en Finistère association carries out prospective studies for the economic development of the region. The latest concerns demographics.

During the summer of 2023, the development agency Investir en Finistère – created in 2001 by Crédit Agricole du Finistère, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and CCI Finistère – conducted a survey on the housing difficulties of working people in Finistère. With this result: the housing problem mainly affects current employees (7 out of 10 respondents) and temporary employees (students/seasonal workers), before new arrivals in Finistère.

Interactive cartography

Often observing that existing solutions are not always known, we decided to create an interactive map making it easy to visualize the different types of temporary accommodation open in Finistère: young workers’ homes, student residences, co-living, aparthotels, campsites open all year round, etc. “, explains Philippe Rouxel, president of Investir en Finistère for a year.

In total, 90 solutions were identified and their data validated with all the stakeholders concerned. This map, available online, will be updated every six months.

A demographic survey

Another subject, founder of the said association: attractiveness. “ If there is a highly structuring element for a territory, it is its demographics. It is she who conditions her future : the human resources on which it will be able to draw, the services and infrastructures that its population will need », recalls Philippe Rouxel.

To update the latest Insee data, published before Covid, Investir en Finistère is launching a new study on the demographic issues of the department correlated to the labor needs of companies. “ How will they have to adapt to sustain their activities by 2040? “, questions this investigation entrusted to students of the master’s degree in Territorial Management and Local Development – ​​Management and Engineering of Territorial Development in Europe course, at UBO.

Finistère, department of first choice

Carried out from September 2023 to May 2024, this study represented approximately 3,000 hours of work divided between a territorial diagnosis, a qualitative survey of resource people, another quantitative survey of notaries, businesses and communities, as well as an analysis and the development of forecasts.

The conclusions drawn revolve around 4 strong points: Finistère has become a department of first choice since 2020, and not just for retirees. These arrivals also benefit rural areas. However, they do not reverse the recruitment difficulties of companiesor even increase the lack of housing, particularly for young people.

The complete and analyzed results of this study will soon be available on the Investir en Finistère website.



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