Moselle. The City of Metz ready to welcome refugees from Gaza

Moselle. The City of Metz ready to welcome refugees from Gaza
Moselle. The City of Metz ready to welcome refugees from Gaza

On February 16, the National Court of Asylum (CDNA) took into consideration “the situation of indiscriminate violence of exceptional intensity in the Gaza Strip. » In this way she opened the way to the protection of the Palestinians. Meanwhile, the European Union Agency for Asylum’s 2023 report indicates that 11,600 Palestinians have applied for asylum.

“A humanist tradition”

It is in this logic that the mayor of Metz, François Grosdidier, declared this Wednesday evening, in a press release, that “the City of Metz volunteers with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to welcome families fleeing the war in Gaza. »

“The war in Gaza following the pogrom and the hostage-taking of October 7 is causing an immense humanitarian tragedy and affecting populations forced to leave this territory which has become a battlefield, with no possible shelter. Faithful to its humanist tradition under all municipalities, the City of Metz has always contributed to welcoming refugee victims of war. My first public commitment, when I was a teenager, was to participate in welcoming refugees from South-East Asia to Metz,” declared the mayor of Metz. “Metz has never denied this humanist tradition in the more recent period, welcoming Syrian and Ukrainian refugees in particular. »

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“We know how to mobilize”

Contacted, the mayor of Metz reaffirmed this commitment which will go through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The possible arrival of refugees will be carried out by the French consular corps. “For the moment, it only concerns very few people. We do not have any identified figures. This could be very scalable. The ministry asked which cities were likely to organize themselves to receive them; as we were, and as we still are for the Ukrainians, we responded. »

Regarding the organization of this welcome, François Grosdidier recalled that Metz knew how to “do things quickly. We were able to do it very quickly, in a few days, for the Ukrainians. We know how to mobilize. »




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