Haut-Rhin. Why will the residents of Thann receive an SMS alert on June 3?

Haut-Rhin. Why will the residents of Thann receive an SMS alert on June 3?
Haut-Rhin. Why will the residents of Thann receive an SMS alert on June 3?


Benjamin Forant

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May 30, 2024 at 3:27 p.m.

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Do not be alarmed if you see vehicles of law enforcementfirefighters or others within the Thonox and Vynova PPC factories in Thann (Haut-Rhin) this Monday June 3, 2024.

Indeed, as regularly, the prefecture has planned a day dedicated to exercises civil security and the specific intervention plan.

Simulate a toxic risk

These two factories are known to be companies where materials are handled. chemical productss. In fact, they are classified as high threshold Seveso sites. It is within this framework that this day is set up.

“The scenario will simulate an accident representing a toxic risk for populations
municipalities close to the site,” specifies the prefecture.

In addition to the site operators, firefighters and police, the DREAL, the ARS, the management of the departmental services of National Education and the road manager will participate in this exercise.

“The five neighboring municipalities: Aspach-Michelbach, Leimbach, Steinbach, Thann and
Vieux-Thann will also participate in this training by activating their position of
communal command and their communal safeguarding plan,” continues the institution.

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An SMS alert sent

For the smooth running of the exercise and the desired realism, warning sirens to the population will be triggered.

Finally, the Fr-Alert device will be tested: a notification will be sent to the telephones of people located in a area facing danger. The prefecture specifies that it is not necessary not answer nor take this notification into account.

“Throughout the duration of the exercise, numerous vehicles will be deployed to
surroundings of the site, including security and rescue forces. Smoke bombs will be used
on the company website; the cloud of smoke may be visible from the outside. THE
law enforcement will be present at the various closure points, without consequence
for circulation within the exercise perimeter. Roads and traffic axes
will therefore remain accessible to the population,” conclude the organizers of the exercise.

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