Doing less with more: a big change in sight for the European elections in the Gers

Doing less with more: a big change in sight for the European elections in the Gers
Doing less with more: a big change in sight for the European elections in the Gers


Fabien Hisbacq

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May 30, 2024 at 3:10 p.m.

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Sunday June 9, 2024, there will be elections in a single turn. THE European. In a city of Gers, the device has been adapted. There will be fewer places to vote, but more polling stations. For what ? Explanation.

First of all there will be fewer places to vote. The town hall has grouped all offices on just four sites in the city, “in order to facilitate voting operations,” she assures. These places are: the Mouzon room, the Réthourie gymnasium, the Ernest-Vila room and the Cordeliers room.

“Simplify installation and dismantling operations”

This new organization aims, again according to the town hall, to “facilitate access for voters to their respective polling stations, with sites offering parking spaces and better accessibility for people with reduced mobility.”

But also of course, on the organizational side, to “simplify the operations of installing and dismantling polling stations on more accessible sites before the date of
elections, unlike certain old offices such as schools in particular.”

Few voters expected, but more registered

But then, there will only be four polling stations in Auch? No. There will even be more than before… The city will go from 14 to 16! And this while the last European election, in 2019, saw 41.57% of those registered abstain. Is it because of a renewed interest in politics? The reason is more down to earth. Digital. “The smooth running of electoral operations requires not to exceed, as much as possible, 800 to 1,000 registered voters per polling station, which is now the case in Auch.”

A symbolic threshold crossed

Indeed, the city has gained inhabitants. Recently, it has passed the symbolic threshold of 20,000 inhabitants. 14 offices were therefore no longer enough to contain voters fluidly. Even if fewer of them travel during the next elections…

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Furthermore, always with the aim of make traffic flow more smoothlythe organization of each office has been redesigned with “improved signage”.

Before you vote, don’t forget to check your polling station. His number and address appear on the voter card. But it is also possible to check the location of the office on the website

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