MBC works: Montricher station will be transfigured

Montricher station will be transfigured

Published today at 2:49 p.m.

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The renovation project at Montricher station, on the line between Apples and L’Isle, will begin on Monday June 10. Several types of arrangements are planned to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility according to LHand standards.

The quay will be raised by 35 cm, widened, and extended to 50 m; a new shelter will replace the old waiting room and tactile-visual markings will be installed to help the visually impaired. The project also includes a two-wheeler shelter and improved lighting. The work will last four months, at a cost of 2 million francs.

Operation of the line will be closed during the month of July; period during which trains will be replaced by buses. The new quay will be put into service from mid-August and the end of the work is scheduled for the end of September.

Marine Dupasquier has been a journalist in the Vaud & Régions section since 2020 and works between the Nyon and Morges editorial offices. Sensitive to local issues, she did her first freelance work at the Journal de Morges.More informations

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