why is the real estate market still so attractive in Bollène?

why is the real estate market still so attractive in Bollène?
why is the real estate market still so attractive in Bollène?

“We had a very difficult year in 2023 compared to 2021 and 2022. Fortunately, in Bollène, the pavilion market is holding up and continues to find buyers,” says Isabelle Comparon of the real estate agency Les Allées in Bollène.

This small town of almost 14,000 inhabitants has assets that allow it to display a certain resilience in times of real estate crisis.

An attractive city

At the junction of several departments, “Bollène has a well-placed motorway exit, practically in the city center,” explains Jean Sanchez, real estate advisor within the IAD France network.

And the proximity of the Tricastin nuclear power plant allows the city to continue to do relatively well: “Thanks to it, Bollène has a permanently dynamic employment pool. »

Investment is doing well

What Isabelle Comparon confirms: “The nuclear power plant is constantly bringing in new workers, who are often looking for small suburban houses. »

This is why these homes, for a budget around €200,000, continue to sell well. Rental investment is also doing well. “On the other hand, for the market of farmhouses and large residences, the situation is more difficult,” she notices.

A new house at an affordable price

With a median sales price per m² in old properties of around €1,300 for apartments and €2,000 for houses according to the Notaries of France, Bollène remains accessible compared to other areas of Vaucluse (Orange, Avignon …) and attracts many first-time buyers.

According to Jean Sanchez, the most prized good is “the small house of around 90 m², with land of around 400 to 500 m². » And this, in the existing as in the new.

Indeed, “land is for sale at €60,000 or €65,000. Some builders manage to sell small villas at around €1,500 per m². Which gives a bouquet that remains accessible, around €200,000 for 80 to 90 m². »

Differences depending on the neighborhood

Even if the surge in material prices and the sharp increase in interest rates have had a strong impact on this sector, he laments: “This translated for manufacturers into a loss of orders sometimes exceeding 50% in 2023.”

If the residential districts of Saint-Pierre or Charagons are popular, other areas, such as the south-east of the city or towards the Grès de Tousilles activity zone, are less sought after, but can offer prices very attractive for smaller budgets.

In the city center, apartments requiring renovation are also for sale at affordable prices.




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