Cherbourg. LGBT+: this year, no march but a pride village!

Cherbourg. LGBT+: this year, no march but a pride village!
Cherbourg. LGBT+: this year, no march but a pride village!


Marie Pinabel

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May 30, 2024 at 2:23 p.m.

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The month of June announces the season of loves, of the gaiety and especially Pride Month, highlighting the LGBT+ community.

In Cherbourg (Manche), the local branch is meeting Saturday June 1, 2024, from 2 p.m., to anyone wishing get informed, exchange Or sustain the community. Volunteers call for gather around a pride villagein front of and in the village hall, in a musical atmosphere.

No pride march… but a festive village!

Only problem this year, no pride march as initially planned. “The sub-prefecture called us earlier. We did not receive authorization to wander in public spaces”explained Louis, Wednesday May 29, 2024. He who had sent his request “on time” on May 2.

Not enough to ensure the safety of the course

Several reasons were mentioned. The passing of the Olympic flame, the June 6 commemorations, the riots in New Caledonia mobilize national police force and so the demonstration could not be sufficiently secure», Specified the team in a press release published on Facebook.

Louis, 29 years old Camille, 30 years old and Suzie, 32 years old are The three pillars of the Cherbourg branch of the LGBTI Normandy association are disappointed but are not giving up. ©Marie PINABEL

Wednesday May 29, 2024 the faces of the volunteers betrayed their disappointment. “The rug is being pulled out from under us… This could have been anticipated on their part…” laments Suzie. “We feel like we’re going backwards. It’s a lot of wasted work,” adds Camille.

Before letting Suzie continue: “ But it will still be festive! » The team remains positive. “We are lucky to have the Cherbourg village hall, It’s a rare commodity! », reports Camille.

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A village to get information and meet

On site, there will be, among other things, the Cherbourg branchAnd Caen of the Normandy LGBTI center, the CAAPS (Advice & Support for Acting in Health Promotion for young people), the CeGIDD (Free Information, Screening and Diagnostic Center, ex-CDAG), the home for all Léo Lagrang e, but also the Diélette Nautical Center (CNDI).

Free HIV, HBV, HCV screeningswill be offered on site.

A special evening at HQ

And of course, a party is planned.When the village closes at 7 p.m., everyone will be free to join the expanded Cherbourg terraces just opposite.

Then, a special evening“Love is love”is organized at Cherbourg HQ. In the program :flash tattoos, a DJ set and gifts!

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