who are the flame bearers already known in Loire-Atlantique?

who are the flame bearers already known in Loire-Atlantique?
who are the flame bearers already known in Loire-Atlantique?

Everyone is looking forward to this day. 93 bearers will take turns on the seven sites concerned by the passage of the Olympic flame (three in the Pays d’Ancenis, three in the Nantes metropolis and that of La Baule).

Stars in La Baule, a stopover town

Twenty-five torchbearers will follow one another on a 5-kilometer route to carry the Olympic flame. Note: the unique presence of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, former tennis champion, in La Baule. He was invited to carry the Olympic flame by the French Tennis Federation. Other name : Sébastien Roguesnavigator and skipper from Baule. Thierry Robertnational secretary and general director of Secours populaire français will also be one of the torchbearers.

In January 2024, the organizing committee of the Olympic Games (Cojo) revealed other first Baulois who will have the honor of wearing the most beautiful symbol: Édouard Roger-Vasselin, professional tennis player since 2001 who experienced his first training at the La Baule Country Club. Ceuzinha Gomes Saspecialist heptathlon athlete; Roger-Yves Bostshow jumping rider, team gold medalist at the Rio Olympics in 2016, regular at the Jumping de La Baule; Édouard Roger-Vasselinprofessional tennis player since 2001, Sophie Moniotteice dance figure skater.

Other names, chosen by the sponsors, will be revealed in early June 2024.

A former medalist in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire

The cities gradually revealed the names of the carriers they could choose.

Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire is the first town to see the flame pass through Loire-Atlantique. The City has designated Sébastien swimmer Philippe Revillon, a four-time Paralympic medalist, among the 22 flame bearers who will take turns during the course. indicates the town of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire. He distinguished himself at the Paralympic Games in Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004) by obtaining a silver medal and three bronze medals in 50 m, 100 m and 200 m freestyle.

Passionate athletes in Vertou

Vertou chose two carriers: Manon Berengier, who works at the Esat du Landas and lives at the Sevria home in the town, won her 4th title of French champion in adapted archery. With her club Élan Sport Adapté, she exercises her discipline at the Archers de Vertou. She also practices athletics at the Racing club in Nantes. His replacement will be Oscar Cabinblack belt in full contact Karate and a true champion at only 17 years old.

Athletes from different sports in Basse-Goulaine

Among the porters in Basse-Goulaine, Bruno Geffroyholder, involved for more than 25 years in the Goulain archery sports association (Olympic discipline), will be present. Youssouf Said Ali will be a replacement. He practiced disabled swimming for two years and disabled basketball for ten years with the Nantes teams.

Volunteers in the Pays d’Ancenis

In Ingrandes-Le Fresne-sur-Loire (municipality of Maine-et-Loire, attached to the community of communes of Pays d’Ancenis), the bearers of the Olympic flame were also chosen: at 19 years old, Jonas Bourigault is champion in hammer throwing. He notably participated in the world championship. Jacques Davy, the substitute, 64, started playing football at five years old. He participated in the adventure of the Entente Ingrandaise for nine at the semi-professional level.

In Vallons-de-l’Erdre, Angelique Poupart was chosen. At 33, Angélique “is one of those who are committed to sharing their passion with little ones”, she trains 5-year-old chicks at AGEM. His deputy: Stéphane Boultareau. He started playing football at the age of 6. Stéphane has been a member of the football club office since the age of 17, vice-president of the FC Vallons-le Pin club, manager of a youth team, volunteer referee.

In Ligné, four people will carry the torch: Thomas Tournefier, is the titular bearer appointed by the municipality and Elvina Escolanohis deputy. Théo Blandin, a young Plesséen will have the honor of being a torch relay on Wednesday June 5 in Ligné. The other “scouts” designated by Paris 2024 will only be known shortly before the handover.



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