He threatens to set fire to Orne-habitat, the worst landlord for him

He threatens to set fire to Orne-habitat, the worst landlord for him
He threatens to set fire to Orne-habitat, the worst landlord for him


Amine El-Hasnaouy

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May 29, 2024 at 8:26 p.m.

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A 44-year-old man was sentenced this Tuesday May 28, 2024 by the Argentan criminal court (Orne) for having threatened Orne-habitat agents withburn down their premises. He is angry with the Orne public housing office which is, for him, the worst landlord that he had known.

He threatens to kill everyone

THE October 10, 2023, a resident of rue George-Guynemer in Argentan complains of having suffered for several months the behavior of one of his neighbors, disturbances of all kinds, noises, howls, etc. He was even threatened by this man who was holding a machete. That day, he would have moreover threatened to kill everyone.

The same day, the head of the Orne-habitat agency declared that this man regularly complained about his neighbors. When leaving the agency, he declared that he was going tear this tenant to piecescome back with 10 or 20 liters of gasoline For set fire to the agency. Out of fear, the employee will call a security agent. Already, a few days earlier, he had presented himself at the agency and had threatened the employee of committing “something crazy” that he was going to set a fire and that he would call BFMTV so that it would be shown on television. It was fear that had until then prevented her from speaking.

He blames “unbearable odors”

This 44-year-old from Argentan explains in court that he is persecuted, that certain things are true, but many are just fabrications. He acknowledges his threats to set fire – “I said anything” – but he claims that they only concerned the furniture. However, he adds that this agency puts him through an ordeal:

Orne-habitat is the worst landlord I have known in my entire life. Even in the vault of Ramses II, the smells are not as unbearable as in my building

The tenant in the defendant’s box

On his criminal record, there are 20 mentions since 1998, some of which are for identical facts. He is now a recidivist for having been sentenced by the same court in 2021. The report from an advisor from Spip (prison integration and probation service) will highlight that an interview had to be interrupted following the aggressiveness of the person concerned.

“The defendant tends to raise his voice with a loud voice which can impress,” specifies the public prosecutor who understands the concern of the women of the Orne-habitat agency. The facts are recognized by the person concerned and, in repression, he requested a sentence of 140 hours TIG (community service) in a period of 18 months or three months in prison in the event of non-execution, in addition to a citizenship course which he will have to complete at his own expense within a period of six months.

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“He needs to be listened to”, according to the lawyer

For the defense, it was important for his client that the court took the time to listen to him, “he needed it”. He would have often complained to Orne-habitat, but there was never any follow-up; however, the other tenants were listened to and their requests were followed. Behavior which must be punished, but the court will have to take his situation into account. The prosecutor’s requisitions seem to him to be a good thing.

The court will ultimately follow the requisitions of the public prosecutor without retaining the citizenship stage.

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