Murders in Laval and Lachine | Disastrous evening in the greater Montreal region

A woman stabbed to death in Laval and a young man shot in Lachine

Posted at 7:57 a.m.

Violent evening Wednesday in the greater Montreal area. A woman was fatally stabbed in Laval, while a young man was seriously injured by gunfire in the Lachine district.

In Laval, a woman died from her injuries after being stabbed around 7:30 p.m., in the residential district of Chomedey. The police undertook resuscitation maneuvers when they arrived on the scene, but noted his death shortly after, said Lieutenant Laurent Arseneault of the Laval Police Service (SPL).

A 20-year-old man was arrested near the scene “thanks to the help of citizens,” the lieutenant added.

During the passage of The Press At the scene, around 10 p.m., orange tape surrounded the crime scene, and the surrounding streets were deserted. A few police cars still provided surveillance around the Armand-Frappier woodland, located in the heart of the district. “It’s a wooded area with hiking trails, people come here to walk or walk their dogs,” described Laurent Arseneault.

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The Armand-Frappier woodland is located in the heart of the Chomedey district, in Laval.

The SPL does not yet know the context of this event, which could be the tenth alleged feminicide in Quebec in 2024.

“Shocking” attack in Lachine

At the same time, in Lachine, a man was injured by at least one bullet to the head, according to information from The Press.

The man, aged in his twenties, was on a basketball court on Esther-Blondin Street, near Duff Court Street, when a suspect arrived and opened fire on him before fleeing, according to the Montreal City Police Service (SPVM).

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The victim was on a basketball court on rue Esther-Blondin, near rue Duff Court, in Lachine.

The seriously injured young man was transported to a hospital and his life was feared in the evening, the SPVM said. An investigation is underway.

On the arrival of The PressAround 9 p.m., a perimeter had been set up around the basketball court, and police cars were roaming the surrounding streets.

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A large perimeter was erected around the crime scene.

From the top of her balcony, Mélanie Garceau observed the flashing lights. The Lachine resident heard shots while she was in her apartment, located not far from the scene of the event. “There were a bunch of young people playing, I heard shots and I heard them screaming,” she said.

On Esther-Blondin Street, a group of teenagers were gathered in front of the security perimeter. “I’ve never seen that in my life,” said a young man. “It’s like a movie,” his friend sighed.

This event is “shocking and traumatic” for residents of this “quiet” neighborhood, commented a teenager, who lives not far from the scene. “The basketball court is a place where there are a lot of kids walking around, people go to have fun there after school. “, she added.

A busy dayee

Earlier, around noon, a 27-year-old man was shot in broad daylight, near three daycares, in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, in Montreal. According to the SPVM, the crime was committed on Montclair Avenue, at the corner of Fielding Avenue.

The man was on the sidewalk with a woman when a suspect approached. He first struck the man in the face, before firing two bullets at him, the SPVM reported.

One bullet passed through the young man’s thigh, while the other hit a trash can. The woman was not injured, according to the SPVM. According to TVA Nouvelles, this attempted murder could be linked to a conflict in which the victim was involved a few hours earlier in the area.

In the afternoon, another attack reportedly occurred, this time in Ville-Marie. A 29-year-old man was stabbed in the upper body in Charles-S.-Campbell Park, located near Champlain and Garneau streets, according to the SPVM. The victim was transported to a hospital and is now out of danger.

According to testimonies collected by the police, individuals came to meet the victim while she was surrounded by a group of people. A suspect then allegedly stabbed the young man and fled. The reason behind this attack remains unknown.



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