Drôme – Festi-Vallier, 10 years already

Drôme – Festi-Vallier, 10 years already
Drôme – Festi-Vallier, 10 years already
Posted on May 30, 2024 by Le Réveil du Vivarais

To mark its 10th anniversary, Festi-Vallier is offering various new offerings, including six shows with numbered seating.

Michel Bayle, cultural advisor and Carole Bayle-Gachet, president of Festi-Vallier presented the planning for the new 2024-2025 cultural season in front of a village hall full of very interested Saint Vallierois.

Festi-Vallier responsible for enlivening the city

Festi-Vallier is an association working with the municipal animation group responsible for enlivening the city. They are supported by a good number of volunteers during the demonstrations.

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Michel Bayle noted that it is difficult to put on quality shows at a fair and balanced price. There are technical and financial contingencies. The Désiré-Valette room only holds 500 seats.

The association celebrates its 10th anniversary

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Festi Vallier is offering six numbered seating shows with three different prices depending on the distance from the stage.

New: setting up a fast food restaurant

The second new feature will be the possibility of fast food with charcuterie boards offered at each show so that each evening is an opportunity for friendly meetings.

A concert to end the evening

Reservations possible on www.festi-vallier.mapado.com, at the Maison de la presse, at the Pulsat store in Saint-Vallier at the tourist offices and at the entrance to the village hall on show days.

The evening ended with a free concert by Gérard Morel.


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