this surprising meeting between her boyfriend Tao and Jordan, the teenager’s ex

Lina has been missing for more than 8 months. While she had left on foot from Plaine to the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station, in Bas-Rhin, to take a train and join her boyfriend Tao in Strasbourg, the 15-year-old teenager is volatilized. A worrying disappearance which mobilizes gendarmes and volunteers and among the latter, relatives of the teenager such as her boyfriend or Jordan, her ex-boyfriend.

Recently, Fanny Groll, Lina’s mother, appeared on the set of the show “Call for witnesses” on M6. Faced with Julien Courbet, she appealed for help to the French to help her collect clues that would allow her daughter to be found. A call followed by Tao, the high school student’s boyfriend. Via a letter, the 19-year-old young man addressed the teenager: Lina, if you can hear us, know that we are here and that we are not giving up anything to find you. Lina, be strong and don’t give up either. I think about you a lot”.

Disappearance of Lina, 15 years old: this place where Tao her boyfriend and Jordan her ex found themselves after the start of the investigation

As proof that Lina’s loved ones do not “don’t let go” and continue to hope for his return, on April 20 a support concert was held. According to information from local media, Les Latest News from Alsace (DNA), “450 people” participated in this event, among them Tao, the boyfriend and Jordan, the teenager’s ex. Indeed, the two boys were present to support Fanny Groll in this ordeal.

Jordan is Lina’s ex-boyfriend. Although they only went out together for 2 months, after Benjamin, now deceased, and before Tao, the young companion of duty, the two teenagers remained very close. “She was always there, it’s my best friendmy confidant”, Jordan tells our colleagues. It would also be towards him that the high school student would have turned, in tears, in June 2022, after being the victim of an alleged rape.

Disappearance of Lina in Bas-Rhin: this surprising meeting between her boyfriend Tao and Jordan, the teenager’s ex

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photo credit: LCI Tao, Lina’s boyfriend and Jordan, the teenager’s ex, met for a special event.

Disappearance of Lina in Bas-Rhin: this kind gesture from the teenager’s friends

The evening of the concert by the local band Why Not, Tao, Lina’s boyfriend and Fanny Groll’s supporter, came to help. According to the media, the 19-year-old young man, once suspected, organized “parking and car arrivals”. As for Jordan, whose disappearance of Lina was “very, very hard”, to live, he evokes with nostalgia his friend. “We searched everywhere. Lina is an extraordinary girl, a girl to marry. Smiling, always polite, straight in her sneakers”, he confided that evening.

Lina’s ex-boyfriend didn’t come alone. Accompanied by his sister Sandra, Lina’s best friend, and a group of friends, he presented himself in front of Tao and Fanny Groll. “It’s very important to be there… It warms my heart to see all these people. We must all be there to support the cause”, assured Sandra and added: “It’s a just cause and we must all be there to support it!”. During the concert, organized in Plaine, in Bas-Rhin, all profits were donated to the association “Les Bonnes Étoiles de Lina”, created by Fanny Groll.

Lina soon found? These “bad associations” of the adolescent girl singled out

A generosity that moved the mother. “I’ll try to do not Cry”, she said to the crowd of onlookers who came to support her in this ordeal. Support that allows Fanny Groll to move forward, as she explained in the show “Sept à Huit”. Today, after months of battle with the investigating judges and the gendarmes, Lina’s family now has access to the investigation file. A file with “thousands of pages” which highlighted the teenager’s double life.

photo credit: France 2 Fanny Groll, Lina’s mother, is still looking for her daughter, 8 months after her disappearance.

According to Fanny Groll, before her mysterious disappearance, Lina had “bad company” and went out to nightclubs with “bad people”. “She went out more than I was aware of (…) When she said she was sleeping at a friend’s house, in fact, she was going out, I did not know”. For the moment, there is nothing to indicate that these people are involved in Lina’s disappearance, which took place on September 23.




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