Before and after: on the Loire-Atlantique coast, a seaside district has been transformed

Before and after: on the Loire-Atlantique coast, a seaside district has been transformed
Before and after: on the Loire-Atlantique coast, a seaside district has been transformed


Patricia Bigot

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May 30, 2024 at 7:00 a.m.

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As they say, there is no photo.

And in fact, when we compare before and after (image below)we measure the major work which was undertaken over seven months on the Place du Général de Gaulle, near the Port Lin district in Croisic (Loire-Atlantique).

Less tar

First thing: the space has been largely dewatered (over 900 m2) so as not to disrupt the water cycle.

There are now grassy paving stones and green spaces.

Dominique Gougeon, subdelegate for works

But the development goes much further.

It follows a more global reflection on traffic on the wild coast.

After the work on the cycle development undertaken by the Department and Cap Atlantique La Baule-Guérande, the city wanted to reinvest this seaside district born in the 19th century to beautify the architectural and natural heritage, going beyond the square.

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The development starts from the corner of Avenue Foch, with the first slowdown platforms and the establishment of a 30 zone.

The idea being to bring together pedestrians, vehicles and gentle travel.

Michèle Quellard, mayor of Le Croisic.

Internal work

The internal design office department at the town hall therefore took its drawing board and imagined what is a reality today, after 7 months of work between October 2023 and last April : namely, an enlarged esplanade at the end of the beach, a redesign of the road with a slight deviation from the RD45 and this parking lot which advocates more greenery.

And more space for bikes with 72 spaces instead of 40 previously.

But less for vehicles: 40 instead of 65. Part of it was redistributed to neighboring streets.

This project was presented to residents last summer.

The square and its benches were presented by elected officials and the municipal design office department ©Patricia BIGOT

Trees planted this fall

Eleven trees will be planted in the fall, neem trees and hackberry trees among others, small in size so as not to obstruct the view of local residents…

A bean-shaped road development on the roadway between the Hôtel de l’Océan and that of the Vikings is also there to lower the speed.

Tests with Lila coaches have been carried out.

A speed lowered to 20 km/h

In fact, here the speed is lowered to 20 km/h and with this slight bend, the priority on the right, rue du Général Leclerc, is better respected. The pedestrian space is much larger than before with 1943 m2 instead of 750 m2. And four areas with benches have been installed.

Michele Quellard

And the elected official added that the budget line of 1 million euros for 6,850 m2 fitted out was not exceeded.

The work was carried out by the Eiffage company and the Sturno company for public lighting.

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