93-year-old woman killed by dog ​​in cemetery, two suspects in police custody

A 93-year-old woman died this Tuesday in Gard after being attacked by a dog in the cemetery of Canaules-et-Argentières (Gard). The nonagenarian had gone late in the afternoon, with pots of flowers, to the cemetery located between vineyards and sunflower fields at the exit of the village, when she was fatally injured in the throat by this dog. Two suspects were taken into custody.

It was an 18-year-old girl who raised the alarm. She told police that the victim had been attacked by a stray dog. According to the first elements of the investigation, this young woman would be an apprentice in a nearby dog ​​center. She was walking three dogs – an Argentinian mastiff, an Australian shepherd and a Staffordshire bull terrier – in the cemetery grounds when the nonagenarian went there.

“A manslaughter investigation is underway and two people are in custody at this time”, the public prosecutor of Alès, Abdelkrim Grini, told AFP this Wednesday. According to a Source close to the investigation, the two suspects in police custody are the young apprentice and the owner of the dog center.

The victim is the former mayor of the village

Emergency services intervened quickly but were unable to resuscitate the victim, despite efforts for almost three quarters of an hour. An autopsy must be performed this Friday. The first findings of the forensic doctor are nevertheless formal. It was the attack of a dog that caused the death of this woman. The tragic death of Annette Guibal, former mayor of Canaules-et-Argentières from 2001 to 2014, shocked the small village of less than 500 inhabitants.

The investigation was entrusted to the gendarmes of the Lédignan brigade and the Alès research brigade.




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