a “quite a bit more interesting after”, visualizes Marchand

“When we start from point A, which is currently a mineralized space with parking and nothing else, and there we find ourselves with housing, parking, but also businesses and people who live nearby of the city, these are interesting principles,” commented the mayor of Quebec, regarding the development project planned by Trudel.

As reported The sun Tuesday, the real estate developer plans to build hundreds of rental housing units, local shops, a high-volume grocery store and a hotel to replace the current sea of ​​parking in the heart of Saint-Roch, by the middle of -year 2027.

An important project that Bruno Marchand avoids commenting on in depth, while public consultations are underway and others are still to come.


The Dorchester parking lot covers 100,000 square feet. (Laetitia Deconinck/Archives, Le Soleil)

“We’re going to look at what citizens say about it,” he reacted at a press briefing on the construction of new housing on Wednesday at city hall.

Although limited in his comments on the details of the different components of the project currently on the table, Mayor Marchand does not hide his enthusiasm to see the decor transform in the coming years.

“When you look at the before and after, I think the after is a lot more interesting.”

— Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec

“I think we have every interest in developing this island,” he says.

More residents settled near the city will help “create vitality” in Lower Town, he predicts.

Tightrope project

The tallest building in the project led by Trudel could reach up to 20 floors. Multifunctional, it will include housing units, a hotel component and commercial premises.

Aware of the fear of heights among some, the mayor of Quebec tempers that among others, it arouses enthusiasm. The “volume” of the building, beyond its breakthrough towards the sky, will also be important, he emphasizes.

It remains for Quebec and the promoter to indulge in a tightrope walk.

“How do we find this balance that allows people to have an interesting life, to have local shops, to live in the city center, to have densification in the right places? This is what we are working on with this project. I understand that there may be fears, but there is a desire to hear the fears and for it to integrate well into the neighborhood,” he commits.


The huge Dorchester parking lot behind the La Fabrique building is bordered by Sainte-Hélène, Dorchester, Caron and Saint-Vallier streets east. (Archives The Sun)

As to whether a new hotel met a need in Saint-Roch, the mayor remained cautious, preferring to rely on the necessary profitability of private projects.

“Whether it’s a good idea or not, we’ll see, we’ll work with them again,” he replied. It’s a huge challenge, because if we want the projects to succeed, they also have to be profitable. It’s easy to manage other people’s money […] but if the project is not profitable, it will not be done. And since we need housing, we have to find the balance.”

“Ungrateful” land, promising project

The leader of the opposition, Claude Villeneuve, said he looked favorably on the project on this “unfriendly area to develop.” “We will follow this with a lot of interest.”

“I’m not supposed to have a favorite, but if all promoters could work like Trudel works, I would be very comfortable.”

— Claude Villeneuve, leader of the official opposition

The head of Équipe Priorité Québec also had good words for the promoter. “I am not for saying that, that I agree with the mayor, sometimes,” quipped Patrick Paquet.

“Can we improve the project? The answer is yes. But I like it, we see a grocery store all that,” he continued.

His colleague Stevens Mélançon also described Trudel’s openness to consultation as “remarkable”.



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