The last design-construction contract for the future line 15 West of the metro awarded

The future Bécon-les-Bruyères station, in Courbevoie. © Society for major projects – Dubuisson architecture

HASfter entrusting the first design-construction contract for line 15 West of the Grand Paris Express to a group of companies led by Vinci in July 2013, the Société des Grands Projets (SGP), which is piloting the construction of the future metro network of the suburbs, awarded, this Wednesday, the second contract for the design and construction of the line to the group of companies “NGE – WeBuild – Equans France » . This 1.38 billion euro contract concerns the section of the line going from Bécon-les-Bruyères station to Saint-Denis – Pleyel station. It includes the design and construction of 7 kilometers of tunnel, 4 new stations (Bécon-les-bruyères, Bois-Colombes, Les Agnettes, Les Grésillons) and 6 service structures. At peak activity, nearly 1,200 people will work on this project.

From now on, all design-construction contracts for lines 15 West and 15 East have been awarded. “ The notification of this latest design-construction contract is the culmination of precise, rigorous and determined work by the SGP teams in charge of procurement. », Comments Jean-François Monteils, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Société des Grands Projets. And ” the use of design-construction to complete the construction of line 15 combined with the excellent work of our teams who carried out the different stages of competitive dialogue with the candidate companies, allows us to secure complete commissioning of the line 15 at the end of 2031 while maintaining the cost targets for completion of the entire Grand Paris Express

», announces the latter. In the space of 5 years, we have thus been able to successfully carry out four design-construction contract procedures necessary for the completion of line 15, demonstrating our know-how as a project owner and our ability to conduct contract award procedures. highly complex markets

», underlines Jean-François Monteils.

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: The group is made up of 8 co-contractors: NGE GC (manager), Webuild, Equans France, TSO, TSO Caténaires, AIA Life Designers, Dubuisson Architecture and Richez Associés.



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