Homeless people near schools: “Children see people urinating”, denounces a father

Homeless people near schools: “Children see people urinating”, denounces a father
Homeless people near schools: “Children see people urinating”, denounces a father

A father whose child goes to school near the Benoît-Labre Home for the Homeless denounces the shocking images that students at the Victor-Rousselot school in Montreal are confronted with every day.

“Children see people urinating in front of them, children see […] a lady who was doing a dance, which looked like a pole dance, in a bra,” explained Jean-François Gauvin on Mario Dumont’s show.

“There are fights, there are shouting matches every day, there are camps, there are people making excrement next to the yard […]. There were also daytime sex scenes,” he continued.

If periods of calm have been observed after reports broadcast by the media, the situation is problematic for Mr. Gauvin.

According to him, some children even reported seeing a homeless person with a syringe in his leg. Individuals are said to be constantly intoxicated, starting at 8 a.m., said Mr. Gauvin.

“From the beginning, we have said that it is much better that they do this inside [du site d’injection]but the problem is that they do this both inside and outside,” he lamented.

“Extreme needs”

For her part, the spokesperson for the Movement to End Homelessness, Julie Grenier, says she understands the reaction of parents, but points out the glaring lack of places and resources.

“We have extreme needs at the moment and we need these resources. […] the phenomenon of cohabitation is ultra delicate and we cannot blame citizens and parents for worrying,” she declared in an interview.

According to her, “if we are in such a bad situation, it is because above all we need housing” to accommodate the homeless and prevent Montreal from becoming “an open-air campsite” with “situations that we do not want.”

“We are faced with having to find solutions, having to help people and often having a shortage of places,” she lamented.

Several versions

If the situation is difficult for parents and residents, it was predictable, said Jean-François Gauvin, who believes that there is no miracle solution.

“It is indeed a complex problem because we know that there are problems with homelessness, drugs and all that. The problem is that the project was poorly put together from the start. It was supposed to be a rehabilitation center, at least officially,” he explained.

Mr. Gauvin also deplored that elected officials, the government and the House continue to pass the buck.

“At the borough council where I showed up in September, Benoît Doré and councilor Craig Sauvé said that they were aware from the start that there was going to be a drug component, but that They just couldn’t say it in public, because they didn’t have the authorizations yet, but then they changed their version,” he continued.

According to him, in September during a meeting between parents and residents, Mylène Drouin admitted that when accepting the drug and inhalation aspect, the children had not been taken into consideration, nor the anxiety which accompanied.

Questioned upon his arrival at the National Assembly on Wednesday, the Minister of Social Services Lionel Carmant admitted that “it should have been better prepared, better worked on, I have said it several times, cohabitation has to be worked on upstream”.

According to Mr. Carmant, the choice of sites is the responsibility of the Cities, while the government is responsible for offering the service.



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