Exploitation of the largest gas field in Africa: discover its impacts on the population

Sonatrach’s recent signing of a contract with an international consortium marks a crucial step for the largest gas field in Africa. Without immediately revealing the content of this partnership, the economic and strategic issues behind this initiative fully justify the need to dig deeper to understand all of its implications.

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Sonatrach and the international consortium

The contract signed by Sonatrach involves giants of the global energy industry. Baker Hughes, Nuovo Pignone International and Tecnimont join forces for a major project. Their collaboration is not limited to technology provision, but extends to engineering, procurement and construction.

The partnership is based on complementary skills. American and Italian expertise combine to support the Algerian deposit. This synergy aims to maximize the efficiency and sustainability of the operation.

The objectives of the project

The agreement concerns the construction of boosting installations at the Hassi R’mel gas field. The latter is the largest in Algeria and the African continent. Sonatrach thus seeks to compensate for the natural depletion of the deposit.

Thanks to this project, production will be maintained at 188 million cubic meters per day. This commitment aims as much to satisfy local demand as to honor international commitments.



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