Legault must signal the end of recess

Legault must signal the end of recess
Legault must signal the end of recess

The Caquists gathered last Saturday near Saint-Hyacinthe for just one short day.

During their general council, the CAQ talked about immigration, family doctors and screens. Three topics, but not really a strong message.

Some observers said the CAQ did not want to make noise. So, the government party is like on autopilot, waiting for the storm to pass.

The Caquistes believe that time will allow them to regain points in the polls. It is a mistake!

Card shuffling

François Legault must shift into fifth gear even if the campaign is only in 2026.

Like all politicians, he begins to be affected by the wear and tear of power. Especially with the pandemic, it looks like the CAQ has been in power for much longer than it actually is.

Inevitably, the Prime Minister must make a cabinet reshuffle, even though we know that Mr. Legault does not like it. He must show his team and the population that ministers who have not performed well since January do not have a free pass.

Mr. Legault must go on the offensive. Thus, he will gain a lot of respect among his troops and voters will salute his courage to make difficult decisions.

Also, François Legault will have to find new impetus for his program. Prolonging the session and delivering a new inaugural speech would allow him to lay out what he wants to do for the last two years of his mandate.

Because, currently, it is more or less clear.


Mr. Legault must obtain tangible results by the next election. He must have them for voters to give him a third term and also to keep his caucus united.

The parliamentary session is coming to an end, but François Legault will not have the luxury of taking much vacation this summer.



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