National strike by pharmacists: “In Yvelines, we have lost 50 pharmacies in 4 years”

National strike by pharmacists: “In Yvelines, we have lost 50 pharmacies in 4 years”
National strike by pharmacists: “In Yvelines, we have lost 50 pharmacies in 4 years”


Fabien Deze

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May 29, 2024 at 6:17 p.m.

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A large gathering pharmacists is expected this Thursday, May 30, 2024 in Paris. They will demonstrate from 3 p.m. at the Faculty of Pharmacy on 6e district to the Ministry of the Economy in Bercy.

This movement will be widely followed in Yvelines by professionals in the sector, whether they are pharmacists, order preparers or even students. It will therefore be very difficult to find an open pharmacy.

A very popular movement in the department

“In Mantois for example, between 80 and 100% of pharmacies will be closed,” indicates Philippe Richard, president of the Union of Community Pharmacists Unions (USPO) in Yvelines. The only ones that will be open will have been requisitioned by the State. »

The latter, installed in Juziers, shows himself very worried for the profession.

“In France, we have lost 2,000 pharmacies in ten years. Every day, a pharmacy closes. In Yvelines, there were 440 four years ago, there are only 390 today. That’s 50 down. If nothing changes, the problem will get worse. There are layoffs coming. »

Philippe Richard, president of the USPO in Yvelines

Patients who find themselves without treatment

In the neighboring town of Gargenville, Pierre Logereau is just as worried.

“Ten years ago, 400 molecules were out of stock in France. Now we are at around 5,000. All this is due to the systematic reduction in drug prices. Amoxicillin is sold for €2 in 2024 compared to €8 in 2014. 1.5 billion euros in savings have been made on drugs this year. As a result, when we cannot find an alternative with doctors, the patient finds himself without treatment. »

Pierre Logereau, pharmacist in Gargenville

“A 40 km detour to get a product”

The products out of stock are diverse and varied and affect many pathologies : asthma, epilepsy, cancer, diabetes…

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“When a person is obliged to make a 40 km detour to have his product, there is a problem, deplores Philippe Richard. This creates anxiety, sometimes verbal attacks, and even worse. In the end, we fulfill our role less and less, which is to listen to customers. You should know that we spend 12 hours a week looking for medicine. This creates a lot of weariness among pharmacists. »

The Ferracci report in the viewfinder

The profession also criticizes the Ferracci report (named after Renaissance MP Marc Ferracci) which proposes significant changes in the regulation of pharmacies.

“It is a bill which falls within the framework of the liberalization of certain regulated professions,” continues Philippe Richard. They refused to listen to professionals in the sector. Our territorial network risks being undermined. Our strength is that until now everyone could find a pharmacy 5 minutes from home. If Amazon sells medicines in France tomorrow, there will be no more pharmacies in France. Creating a drug platform will break our network. »

Remuneration considered insufficient

More generally, the Juziérois pharmacist has the impression that pharmacists are not paid worthy of the work they do.

“When we carry out a vaccine, they give us 2 euros even though it takes us a quarter of an hour. We have all suffered from a context of inflation… We were impeccable during the health crisis but we were only thanked orally. We are now waiting for a strong sign from the State. »

Philip Richard

Pierre Logereau agrees. “We don’t demonstrate often, the last movement dates back to ten years. But today, the context is really tense. Fortunately, we have a lot of customers who support us. We launched an online petition which collected more than 1,000 signatures. »

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