Trois-Rivières: the 35-year-old man who loved young teenage girls

Trois-Rivières: the 35-year-old man who loved young teenage girls
Trois-Rivières: the 35-year-old man who loved young teenage girls

A 35-year-old alleged pedophile arrested at the beginning of May in Trois-Rivières for a series of sexual crimes against young teenage girls could have caused more victims, police believe.

Simon Plante faces 12 charges, including computer luring, incitement to sexual contact, sexual interference, sexual assault, exhibitionism, assault and possession of child pornography.

In recent months, Simon Plante allegedly posed as a young man in his twenties to randomly approach teenage girls on social media.

According to authorities, Plante had “inappropriate” exchanges with them, despite the fact that he was perfectly aware of their young age.

After a few days of discussions, the alleged predator offered to travel to meet them in person. Some alleged victims have also met the individual.

So far, four alleged victims have been located. They are aged between 13 and 15 years old.

Investigators believe that Simon Plante could have caused more victims, not only in the Trois-Rivières region, but also elsewhere in Quebec.

The suspect used a Facebook profile in the name of “Simon Plante (Grand simon)”, “Paul (simon)” and “Simon nomis”. He also used the name “tipaumoniz4000” on Snapchat.

The search carried out at the accused’s home allowed the police to seize two cell phones, two computer towers, a laptop, as well as USB keys. Links to child pornography were also found on the suspect’s computer.

Since several victims have been identified, the management structure for serial crime investigations (GECS), coordinated by the Sûreté du Québec, has been deployed.

Any minor who has had contact with the suspect in a sexual context is invited to communicate confidentially with Detective Sergeant Antoine Lavallée-Bolduc, at 819 691-2929 at extension 3701.



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