Restoration of the Val-d’Oise cathedral, a 12 million euro project completed

Restoration of the Val-d’Oise cathedral, a 12 million euro project completed
Restoration of the Val-d’Oise cathedral, a 12 million euro project completed


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May 29, 2024 at 4:52 p.m.

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“It’s done, it’s finally signed!” », rejoices Stéphanie Von Euw, mayor (Lr) of Pontoise (Val-d’Oise).

If this formalization was to take place on April 19, it was this Friday, May 24 that the prefect of Val-d’Oise, Philippe Court, the mayor, Stéphanie Von Euw and Laurent Roturier, regional director of cultural affairs (Drac) signed , on the square, the financial commitment letter for the restoration of Saint-Maclou Cathedral.

Eternal construction site

A purely symbolic signature since the decisions and studies on the renovation of the cathedral had already been taken and announced at the municipal council meeting on March 28.

A few introductory words from the mayor preceded a visit to the monument, lasting around thirty minutes and guided by Pauline Prévot, City of Art and History project manager of the heritage department.

Although the cathedral has already been the subject of several restoration campaigns, many parts of the church still need to be renovated.

“It is difficult to find the original cathedral, too many things have been redone both outside and inside. In a monument such as this, when you restore something, other problems arise. It’s an eternal construction site.”

Pauline Prévotcity ​​of art and history project manager of the heritage department

The roofs, the framework of the vaults, certain works, the stained glass windows, the Chapel of the Passion are some parts which will integrate this restoration plan, estimated at 12 million euros over seven years.

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“The cathedral is our cultural and spiritual heritage, but also an element of attractiveness and notoriety,” declares Philippe Court.

Built in 1140, the cathedral has been classified as a Historic Monument since 1840.

If the city is responsible for its maintenance, it cannot bear the burden alone.

The financiers who signed this letter of commitment demonstrate “their desire at all levels to take care of this emblematic monument of the city”, explains Stéphanie Von Euw. But the mayor is also counting on donations from citizens.

The city signed an agreement with the Heritage Foundation aimed at encouraging popular and corporate patronage.

“In the fall, a program will be launched so that they too can contribute, if they wish, to restoring the cathedral,” she concludes.

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