two anti-Semitic acts in two days, two investigations opened

two anti-Semitic acts in two days, two investigations opened
two anti-Semitic acts in two days, two investigations opened

Judicial investigations were opened after the discovery this Wednesday, May 29, of four “soiled” Jewish graves in Évreux, the day after an attack against a Jewish schoolboy, announced the Eure prefecture. Wednesday, “four graves of deceased Jewish people were soiled and degraded at the Madeleine cemetery in Évreux”, indicates the prefecture in a press release.

Questioned by AFP, the public prosecutor of Évreux, Rémi Coutin, explained that “black paint was applied to the stars of David present on the graves as well as to the names of the deceased”. The day before, “a 15-year-old schoolboy was physically attacked and insulted by two individuals, to cries of ‘dirty Jew’ in Eure“, according to the press release from the prefecture.

The teenager was “attacked in front of his college in Nonancourt by two other college students who beat him. He was released four days of incapacity for work. This violence would have been followed by insults of an anti-Semitic nature, notably ‘dirty Jew'”, said the magistrate, specifying that there is no link between the two cases.

Concerning the degradation of the tombs, “a blatant investigation was opened to aggravated damage and entrusted to the Évreux police”, indicated Rémy Coutin. “We retained the following qualification for the cemetery affair: burial violation due to religionan offense punishable by two years of imprisonment,” the magistrate said in the evening.

In the case of the attack on the schoolboy, a flagrant investigation was opened for “aggravated violence because it was committed in a meeting, in front of a school and with anti-Semitic motivation”, added the prosecutor.

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