Thursday May 30, the pharmacies of Guadeloupe draw the curtain

Thursday May 30, the pharmacies of Guadeloupe draw the curtain
Thursday May 30, the pharmacies of Guadeloupe draw the curtain

The pharmacists of Guadeloupe are joining the national mobilization and drawing the curtain this Thursday, May 30, 2024. According to the census of the Guadeloupe Pharmacies Union, 90% of pharmacies will be closed in recognition of their crucial role in the health system. On-call pharmacies will be provided at 32 37.

90% of pharmacies in Guadeloupe should close their curtain this Thursday, May 30, 2024, according to the census carried out by the Union of Pharmacies of Guadeloupe. Pharmacists are joining the national movement in this. Much more than distributors of medicines, they define themselves as health professionals and local actors, especially in rural and fragile areas. They denounce numerous challenges that threaten their ability to continue to serve the population. Marie-Claude Synesius, President of the Guadeloupe Pharmacies Union returns to these demands.

Marie-Claude Synesisus, president of the Guadeloupe Pharmacies Union

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  • Fair remuneration: a significant increase in their remuneration from 2025. The current proposals from Health Insurance are insufficient to ensure the viability of pharmacies.
  • Access to medicines : shortages complicate the task of pharmacies and directly affect the health of patients. Access to medicines for all must be guaranteed.
  • Maintaining pharmacies: pharmacy closures in fragile areas endanger access to care. The pharmacy is an essential local service.
  • Regulation of online sales: the online sale of medicines without adequate regulation poses risks to patient safety and the economic stability of pharmacies which require strict regulation.
  • Pharmacy studies reforms: studies must be adapted to contemporary challenges. The 3rd cycle reform in particular is essential to prepare future pharmacists for their complex roles.
  • Recognition of skills: pharmacies are demanding an enhancement of their skills and their role in the care chain, including expanded missions, increased responsibilities and appropriate remuneration.

As a precautionary measure, pharmacists invite the population to anticipate their prescription renewal. However, on-call pharmacies will be provided and communicated to 32 37.




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