These parents are struggling to avoid a class closure in Seine-et-Marne

These parents are struggling to avoid a class closure in Seine-et-Marne
These parents are struggling to avoid a class closure in Seine-et-Marne


Julia Gualtieri

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May 29, 2024 at 5:26 p.m.

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“No to closing, think about our future! » Friday May 24, 2024, around forty parents gathered in front of the Saules school in Collégien (Seine-et-Marne). Megaphone, banners, they came to protest against the announcement of an elementary class closure at the start of the 2024 school year.

If not everyone wanted to be in the photo, they share the fight. “It’s completely inconsistent”, shouts one of the mothers present. “As with kindergarten, there will be too many students,” say Joël, Claire and Benalirim, all parents of two or three children at the school. They already experienced this scenario recently in kindergarten, they explain alongside Isabelle Jean-Charles, deputy mayor in charge of school life. “They had closed a class that they had to reopen in 2023. Students had arrived during the year. » In the meantime, according to them, classes have been in excess.

Housing to be delivered

In elementary school, if the closure is confirmed at the start of the school year, it will be second year in a row that a class closes. In the school, only 8 of the 11 existing ones should therefore be used at the next school year. However, on the other side of the street, a large group of more than 70 accommodations must be delivered in December. Another was delivered last February. How many students would this add? “It’s difficult to say,” explains the mayor, Marc Pinoteau, who supports the parents in their fight. “For those in February, it was mainly toddlers for nursery. » But the typology of housing to be delivered, T3 and T4, suggests that families will come to settle.

“The inspector tells us that it will be very easy to reopen a class at the next school year, but that is not true,” says Adèle, representative of the FCPE (Federation of Parents’ Councils). “What will we get?” A contract worker who will leave after a few weeks? Two years ago, my child had 15 teachers in one year. We create inequalities, we make them fall behind,” denounces Claire. Furthermore, according to the representative, the FCPE was not consulted.

Systematic double levels

Next year, with one class less, there would be no more than double levels in school. Including a possible “CP-CE1, which no one wants,” assures Adèle.

It’s a vicious circle. We create complicated, saturated classes; it is harmful for children who do not have individualized monitoring, as well as for teachers who have to manage two programs simultaneously and cannot adapt to the children’s pace.

Adèle, FCPE representative

Parents also emphasize that the DUER (Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document), displayed in front of the school, has already highlighted the psychosocial risks existing links to administrative overload and “lack of human resources” such as “non-replacement of teachers and AESH” (supporters of students with disabilities).

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“We want quality education”

This second deletion, for the second year in a row, is the last straw for parents. And although they have been received by the inspector, they do not intend to give up anything.

We were told why the class was going to close. It’s a stupid school card story. We understand, but we don’t agree. Human reality must take precedence over administrative directives. We want quality education. We are not going to give up, we will go through to the end.

Adèle, FCPE representative

Highly mobilized, they collected more than 900 signatures for their petition and obtained the support of MP Hadrien Gohmi.

Contacted, the Créteil Academy explains that, like every year, it distributes the classes in order to have a fair distribution across the department. “The Saules school is no less well treated than other equivalent schools. » She also specifies that the reorganization is being done in three phases and that before the last, in September, “nothing is set in stone”.

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