Essonne: accused of violence by his daughters, the father denies and evokes “a strict education”

Essonne: accused of violence by his daughters, the father denies and evokes “a strict education”
Essonne: accused of violence by his daughters, the father denies and evokes “a strict education”


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May 29, 2024 at 5:55 p.m.

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“A strict, even firm, education, but nothing more” according to him. Wednesday May 22, 2024, a 38 year old father residing in Vauhallan (Essonne) was judge to the judicial court of Évry-Courcouronnes for habitual violence committed against his three minor daughters. Refuting outright the accusations of his children, this real estate executive was able to count on the support of his wife.

A report issued by the couple’s girls’ school

The affair began in the spring of last year. At the time, the couple’s children were educated in a primary school in Palaiseau.

Their eldest daughter’s behavior worries her teachers. During an after-school activity, the little girl simulated an attempt at strangeness which triggered a report to the authorities.

When questioned, the little girl talks about her father’s violence against her and permanent conflicts between his two parents.

The father of the family does not respect his judicial control

Just before summer, the family moved to Vauhallan and the children, including two six year old twin sistersenter a new school.

At the same time, the investigation continues. The twins, too, confirm that they live in a particularly stormy weather where their mother suffers physical violence.

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At the beginning of the year, justice decided on a father’s estrangement measure. He is now prohibited from living in the marital home.

But that very evening, he settles down again with his wife and children, without respecting his legal obligations.

The accused imprisoned for three weeks

It will then be incarcerated for three weeks before appearing before the 7th correctional chamber.

Marked by his incarceration, the defendant spoke of his sometimes hurtful rigor, but refuted the events reported by his children.

“The arrival of twins in a family can provoke reactions, a part of jealousy, especially for my eldest daughter,” he just conceded.

The prosecutor denounces “two adults who lie to cover themselves”

His partner, director of human resources, is came to his rescueconfirming her husband’s statements.

I am a responsible mother. If we had lived like my daughters say, I would have left,” she insisted.

The prosecutor was severe during his requisitions, denouncing “two adults who lie to cover themselves”.

He is banned from returning to his home for two years

Following the deliberation, the man was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, eight of which were suspended.

He has prohibited from returning to their marital home for two years, to the great dismay of his partner, who hoped for a more favorable outcome for their relationship.

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