100% doc evenings at the Forum des images: the

Programming for the month of June:

• Tuesday June 4: Documentary on the big screen

On the outskirts of Gaza, the Samouni family prepares to celebrate a wedding. It’s the first celebration since the last war. Throughout their memories, Samouni Road paints a portrait of this family before, during and after the event that changed their lives forever.

Golden Eye Prize, Cannes Film Festival 2018
Screening followed by a debate. In the presence of Luc Forveille, editor

Based on images taken before the Hamas attacks on October 7 and the return attacks by the Israeli army, Piero Usberti’s story does not claim to be neutral. His point of view remains that of an outsider who makes his distance from the situation a strength.

Special mention from the jury of the Cnap French Film Prize, Cinéma du Réel 2023

• Tuesday June 18:

Based on the eponymous text by Georges Perec, read by Mathieu Amalric, the filmmaker, stationed for three days in a café on Place Saint-Sulpice, films “what happens when nothing happens”. A subtle contemplation.

The filmmaker films the last months of his friend Christian de Rabaudy, a former philosophy professor, both burlesque and tragic, who reveals himself without modesty or complacency in the face of the camera and death.

• Wednesday June 19:

Meet with journalists Antoine de Baecque, Pierre Eugène, Jean-Marc Lalanne, Gérard Lefort, Sandra Onana, Annick Peigné-Giuly, Didier Peron and Marcos Uzal for a discussion around critical space proposed by the newspaper Release and its evolution over time.

• Tuesday June 25:

Joyful chronicles of Cézanne’s studio visited by people from all over the world. Looks, presences of beings and things, small conversations about beauty, and apple-tasting vanities.

Based on Cézanne’s exchanges with his friend Joachim Gasquet, the filmmakers deliver an immense exploration of art, painting, nature and representation. How to see the act of seeing, of looking?

Preceded by Where are you, Jean-Marie Straub? by Jean-Marie Straub

Programming for the month of July:

• Tuesday July 2:

7 p.m.: Isabelle Stengers, creating hope on the edge of the abyss, by Fabrizio Terranova

In a mutant setting between SF and heroic fantasy, a dreamlike and mischievous portrait of the philosopher Isabelle Stengers, whose work helps us to think about what happens to us, “in the time of catastrophes”.

9 p.m.: Ddesire and Rebellion – The Art and Joy of Goliarda Sapienzaby Coralie Martin

A luminous tribute to Goliarda Sapienza, the cult author of The Art of Joy, an essential masterpiece of 20th century literature, and to the revolutionary and emancipatory power of desire.

The documentary meetings of the Forum des images:

Weekly meeting : Every Tuesday.
Documentary cinema, a cinematic genre with multiple forms and writings, occupies a special place in the programming. Every Tuesday, two sessions are devoted to it. These 100% doc evenings bring together heritage works, previews, new films in theaters and meetings with filmmakers.

2. Documentary on the big screen

Monthly appointment : the first Tuesday of the month
The first Tuesday of the month, carte blanche is given to the Documentary on the big screen association. Thirty years ago, this chosen name sounded like a slogan for the very young association. Today, if the vitality and creativity of this young cinema no longer needs to be proven, its diffusion on the big screen remains an ardent challenge.

3. Simone de Beauvoir Audiovisual Center

Punctual appointment.
On several evenings during the season, the Simone de Beauvoir Audiovisual Center presents films from its collection of international documentaries on the history, rights and creation of women and LGBTQ+. Screenings in the presence of the directors and followed by a debate.



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