Pastificio Norma, sunny Sicilian restaurant in République

With its large sunny terrace and its fresh pasta made according to the rules of the art, Pastificio Norma is the place to try this spring.

Open since 2018 a stone’s throw from Place de la République, Pastificio Norma is a charming Sicilian osteria which summons everything we look for in this type of address: a simple kitchen and comfortingfresh pasta made on site in the purest Italian traditiona (very) large terrace bathed in sunlight as soon as it deigns to peek out, and a friendly team and good advice.

Behind the address are hidden Francesco and Amélie Lombardo. He is a pure Sicilian, originally from Catania, she is Franco-American but “Sicilian at heart”. A duo that works wonderfully since together they have already opened no less than three addresses in Paris: La Massara where the pizzas swirl, La Rusidda where shopper the best Sicilian products, and finally Pastificio Norma.

Pastificio Norma - Vegetable tempuraPastificio Norma - Vegetable tempura

Family heritage, traditional recipes of Francesco reflect the authenticity of the Sicilian cuisine which, if not the most precious in the world, is certainly one of the most comforting. Especially since at Pastificio Norma, the prices are also comforting, especially at lunch! Count on €19 for the starter/main course or main course/dessert lunch menu, €24 for the full menu – with starter of the day, main course of the day or fresh pasta à la carte, and dessert of the day. Something to please the taste buds and the wallet, all at the same time.

Frying small squid (€16.50) or vegetable tempura du soleil (€14.50) to dip in an airy lemon mayonnaise, delicate stuffed sea bass rolls with flavors of Sicily (24€), bucatini all’amatriciana with guanciale bacon and pecorino romano cream (€18.50) which is sauced until the last drop, the starters and main courses smell of sunshine and holidays, just like the wines which transport us to the other side of the Alps.

Pastificio Norma - Bucatini all'amatricianaPastificio Norma - Bucatini all'amatricianaPastificio Norma - Bucatini all'amatricianaPastificio Norma - Bucatini all'amatriciana

If the limoncello baba (12€) was particularly plump and soaked, it is undoubtedly the pasticciotto (€11) which stole our hearts, a stunning pastry typical of southern Italy, filled with custard, served still warm and accompanied by an artisanal Sicilian pistachio ice cream for a most refreshing hot and cold treat. .

Pastificio Norma - Baba limoncelloPastificio Norma - Baba limoncelloPastificio Norma - Baba limoncelloPastificio Norma - Baba limoncello

A affordable and generous address to be hidden under the hood, even on weekends. On Sunday, Pastificio Norma in fact offers his version of Sicilian brunch (29€) composed of a board filled with the chef’s signature recipes and Sicilian pastries!

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