“Amadou BA, Opposition Leader of Senegal” Amadou Bal BA

“Amadou BA, Opposition Leader of Senegal” Amadou Bal BA
“Amadou BA, Opposition Leader of Senegal” Amadou Bal BA

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“Amadou BA leaves the APR, Macky SALL’s party, and becomes head of the Senegalese opposition. What status of the leader of the opposition? What dynamic of a very republican opposition, but combative and vigorous with a view to provoking cohabitation? by Amadou Bal BA

Everything ends up happening. After a long hesitation, Amadou BA, former prime minister and presidential majority candidate, who came in second place, with more than 35%, ended up leaving the Alliance for the Republic. He became leader of the opposition. We are not remaking the match, but for my part, Amadou BA, from February 3, 2024, due to the constitutional coup d’état by President Macky SALL, and I am the first to denounce it, without copyright ( See my article, Médiapart, February 3, 2024) should have, at the time, immediately resigned from his functions as Prime Minister, called a conference and said that he is not accountable for this crime. Amadou BA, who did not benefit during his campaign from financial support, or assistance from Macky SALL or the APR, had to confront, after the release of the leaders of PASTEF (Ousmane SONKO and Bassirou Diomaye FAYE) to a real referendum, for or against Macky SALL. Despite this parricide, Amadou BA came, as I said, in second position in the 2024 presidential elections, the PUR, an Islamist party, in third position, and the 15 other parties bit the dust, with less than 2% of the votes. voice. Here too, I know that after the elections, there is physical and nervous fatigue, but also sometimes resentment, I was surprised to hear that Amadou BA had thanked President Macky SALL, the same one that he had pushed it down, coupled with great collusion with the leaders of PASTEF, whose political mentor he became.

Finally, this resignation from the APR, with its dissident candidacies against Amadou BA, having given him a hard time, seems logical to me; she should even have intervened rather, with even a little more vigor. Politics is not a matter for altar boys, it is an art in which, with a spirit of decision, strategy and rational anticipation, one must kill, in order not to be killed. Consequently, and even if Amadou BA owes a good part of his career to his career, it is in his honor to be grateful, the fact remains that parricide is a necessary, timely weapon in Politics . Thus, during the alternation of 2000, Djibo Laïty KA and Moustapha NIASSE, unhappy with the promotion of Ousmane Tanor DIENG to the post of First Secretary of the PS, brought down President Abdou DIOUF. Macky SALL, himself, comes from the PDS, and his political mentor is none other than Master Abdoulaye WADE, with his relationships with religion, with money, and especially his project of monarchical devolution. Macky SALL, Prime Minister, then President of the National Assembly, had the courage and foresight to resign from all his mandates and to create, in 2008, his party the APR, to defeat in 2012, the formidable Laye N’Diombor. I am not going to multiply the examples in terms of parricide in politics, but Jacques CHIRAC was the prime minister of Valéry GISCARD D’ESTAING and Emmanuel MACRON, who came from the Rothschild bank, recruited by Jacques ATTALI, Minister of the Economy, that no one had seen coming, forced François HOLLANDE to give up running.

The leader of the opposition, for my part, is a central figure in democracy defined as a majority government under the control of the opposition.

In the short term, PASTEF, elected on a breakaway plan, only has 56 deputies out of 165 parliamentarians. The fundamental mission of the leader of the opposition is to be heard, to put the substantive debate at the center of political life. However, to date, we have observed two serious deviations from Senegalese democracy. On the one hand, the government says to “breakup», by Ousmane SONKO, in his populist rhetoric, has not yet realized that he has already won the elections of March 24, 2024, the Prime Minister of Senegal, expresses himself, not as a ruler, but as an opponent, in his diatribes in the amphitheaters, like the Ancien Régime or the Colonial Empire. Furthermore, certain activists close to the APR, such as BAH Diakhaté (See my article, Médiapart, May 23, 2024), to make themselves heard, gave PASTEF its due, using the weapons of populism, in particular invective, defamation, insult, to distract us from the essential.

To have this substantive debate with a view to provoking cohabitation, Amadou BA needs to create his party, to give it a political doctrine, which I believe can only be the center left, solid men in order to carry his project . The mission of an opposition leader, in my opinion, is not only in criticism, incantation or denunciation, it is also and above all in his force of credible proposal. He will have the difficult mission of rebuilding the opposition, largely damaged in these 2024 presidential elections. With whom and what charismatic leadership?

The opposition is respectable in the sense that it is intended to become the majority: What status then of the opposition?

Article currently being written.

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Paris, May 29, 2024, by Amadou Bal BA –



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