Rhone. Fire starting on a collection truck: waste not in conformity with the origin?

Rhone. Fire starting on a collection truck: waste not in conformity with the origin?
Rhone. Fire starting on a collection truck: waste not in conformity with the origin?

If the exact origin of the disaster remains unknown, the presence of non-compliant waste could be the cause of the fire which broke out on the morning of Wednesday, May 29, in the dumpster of a waste collection truck. household waste from the Nord-Dauphiné Mixed Union (SMND), whose headquarters is located in Heyrieux.

The disaster broke out during a tour in the town of Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu (Rhône). “Thanks to the calmness of the collection team and the responsiveness of the emergency services, the incident, which could have been dramatic, was quickly brought under control without causing any injuries,” underlines the SMND.

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The agents present on site immediately adopted the right reflexes by warning the firefighters as soon as the first flames were detected. Emergency services intervened quickly in Heyrieux, where the truck went in the meantime, managing to bring the fire under control after emptying part of the skip to access the fire.

“The damage to the dumpster, however, made the truck permanently unusable,” deplores the SMND while specifying that, as soon as the fire was taken care of by the firefighters, the collection team mobilized a replacement truck to take over the collection of bins and ensuring continuity of service to residents.

Following this disaster, the SMND recalls “the crucial importance of respecting the waste disposal instructions: never throw into household waste items likely to catch fire, such as ashes from fireplaces or barbecues, or chemical products. Respecting sorting procedures is essential both for environmental reasons, for reasons of cost control but also to ensure the safety of the agents who collect.”

And the joint union calls for “the vigilance and responsibility of users to prevent such accidents in the future”.




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